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Women That Shine And Look Divine In A Sari

Written by Trends


Posted on June 02 2013

The way a sari conceals and charms, the way it drapes and delights, its almost magical. Women who look ordinary in other outfits stand out when they don a sari. It’s true. Here are some women that mesmerize when they wear the Indian outfit. 

Sonakshi Sinha. The lady with her voluptuous figure carries off the sari like no other outfit. Even Salman Khan complimented the lady saying, “Sonakshi looks stunning when she dons the sari”. Notice her grace and poise in Dabangg1 and 2 or any of recent flicks where she looks so much at home in her Indian sari.

Sridevi. Sridevi may look surreal in any outfit but the world will admit and that includes her that her saris are out of this world. It’s the way she wears them and it’s the way the sari complements her persona that the true blue magic of Sri shines through.

Shilpa Shetty. You can put her on the beach in a bikini or make her wear sizzling costumes but it’s the sari that she really enjoys and it shows. Her body looks oh so svelte in the diving costume be it silk or shimmer, she sways like the Sari was made for her and they both bring out the best in each other.





  • I have bought 10 sarees fr you already… And still counting. You should have loyalty points and coupons :-)
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  • your collections are very unique and impressive. I am verymuch interested to go through your collections. The quality of sarees and the colour combinations are extra-ordinary. Excellent.

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  • I am big lover of saris.I have different types of collection of saris.I like your collection.specially georgette and shiffon. I have never seen this type of designs in saris.Its really classic.

    Posted by Harshita Shinde | July 19, 2013
  • i like to showing your colleaction then i buing aone wonderful saree so thanks for this and your any special offer please sent me a masg ok.

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