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Sari: Serious And Sexy

Written by Trends


Posted on June 02 2013

Imagine if you had a few of those outfits that could make you look serious and sexy, smart and sassy all at the same time? Very few costumes boast of the adaptability that comes with the Indian Sari. A plain sari with a thick border can make you look dignified and graceful whilst a silk or chiffon sari can completely maneuver your style giving you a sensuous and sizzling avatar. Having a sari means never running out of outfits for any occasion. Dress them up, wear them simple or add a touch of oomph by wearing a bold blouse or a deep revealing back halter neck. Wearing saris to office means making less effort yet having an elegant look all day long for long hours and looking your best. It’s here when saris pass the true test even if the western wear looks crumpled and worn out, the sari stays all depends on how it was worn and fitted in the first place. Similarly, parties may have ornately clad women with a variety of outfits but those that don a sari stand out almost instantly. Even a non-Indian when draped in a sari exhibits the refinement and gracefulness of the quintessential Indian woman who lives, works and rejoices in a sari day in and day out. So the next time you are unprepared for a special occasion but have access to saris, get ready to bedazzle on the big day while others simply are basic-clad you will be more then glad. 




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