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A Sari State Of Affairs

Written by Trends


Posted on June 02 2013

Women in India, especially in the political sphere have worn a sari from times immemorial. Our lady at helm, Sonia Gandhi is known for her impeccable taste in Saris. From the handloom saris to the Maheshwaris and Paithani ones; she likes them in cotton, khadi and various other weaves.

She is particularly fond of handloom saris with traditional weaves. Infact even on her wedding day she wore a pink cotton saree woven by Nehru. And years later her daughter Priyanka Gandhi adorned the same costume for her wedding. In winters, notice how she elegant teams up Pashmina Shawls with her saris in various ways and not even once does her outfit look dull and monotonous.

It’s not just the sari she wears but it’s also the way she has them draped. All this comes from a woman who was extremely uneasy in a sari in her earlier days and now has grown up to be one of the most prominent people promoting Indian textiles. 



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