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Home Blog - News Contest: Share with us your most memorable Valentine's day.

Contest: Share with us your most memorable Valentine's day.

So on the occasion of Valentine's day, we bring you an opportunity to win a saree. Simply share with us you most memorable Valentine's day experience and stand a chance to win this beautiful saree.  

The winner of the contest is Ms. Anita Chhabra A heartiest congratulation to her and a big thank you to all the participants. 

Submit your ideas on our blog. The cut of date for the contest is

Friday, 19th February, 2016 - midnight 00:00:00 hrs.

Keep Shopping, Keep Reading and Keep Winning!


*Terms and conditions

The winner will be selected by our panel of experts. Adhering to the contest guidelines is important.

Only one winner will be selected.


  1. My unforgettable Valentine day was when I called a person and wish him happy Valentine. And without knowing who I am he said thank u and same to u. DAT day I first hear d voice of my husband. It is just like a dream to me. After DAT day call he eagerly wait daily for my call n we enjoyed a lot of conversation without seeing each other. Its in year 2006 14 Feb. Now also I feel like its a dream. And don’t want to wakeup.

  2. My unforgettable Valentine day was last year when no gift no movie no dinner nd no outing but only simple a pretty rose bud with nicely binded copy of my self written poetry with beautifully unscripted note in his own handwriting for my jaan. Tum par hoon kurbaan *l**tumhara Apna Khawab tumhara Anna armani. ###very Happy luv Day

  3. My most memorable Valentine’s day was two years back when I gifted my hubby with a three – day old son ?.

  4. Valentine’s Day is not only on 14 th Feb every year, but with my husband I feel the true love n affection throughout the year. we do definitely have our share of differences n small fights, but that helps us to connect better. ours is an arranged marriage, I recall the moment when my husband saw my picture n went to the temple to ask me as his wife to God, flew back to India n got engaged to me the very same day. He got me all the gifts, he saw I wd like looking at the photograph itself, since then he is the most strong pillar of support thru all the ups m downs of my life,his faith in God has made me the pass the most difficult moments of my life, strengthening my belief in God all the more. We celebrated our Valentine’s Day with our kids, with roses chocholates n gifts!!Thank u God, Thank u Yellowfashion

  5. My partner never believes in any Special days. So I never plan anything on any occasions.
    Whenever I say Valentines is coming he says it’s ok we can celebrate whenever we want. Don’t stick to the dates.
    But he makes sure we celebrate Valantines day whenever we feel and many a times a year, not just once.
    We did love marriage in 2013 n were out of our upper middle class families. No mental or financial support. By the grace of almighty with all happiness and love all around We got stability financially within 3 months of our marriage. No assets purchased but happiest among all just because of love and bonding between us and the blessings from God.
    Yet somewhere back of my mind I was unsatisfied and sad cos I was missing my brothers kids in my family.
    I started getting anxiety issues n got admitted in 2013 end for anxiety and depression.
    Irrespective of our financial condition with no assets on our name other than just our SIM cards.
    In 2014 February 11th my beloved husband booked air tickets for Goa and we celebrated 2 weeks of valentines in Goa just for me to overcome my anxiety. We saw carnival and amazing beaches and dolphins and wonderful rides and stay N then we are happy and healthy till date and forever. Then i discovered a meaningful life is not just being financially stable and establishing assets. It’s all about live,laugh, love, travel, be there by side of each other, no completion with the world. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE. That’s the only asset you earn which never depreciates. We r BLESSED FULLY AND TOTALLY WITH LOVE FOR EACH OTHER BY THE ONLY SUPERPOWER … THE ALMIGHTY.❤️????

  6. 34 yrs back my husband proposed to me on the phone. I told him that I’m a juvenile diabetic n taking two insulin injections daily n that he can still give it a second thought. Been married for 34 yrs n given a chance wouldn’t like to change even a minute. That’s what true love is all about. Isn’t it ????

  7. On last Valentine day My husband hold my hand in public in a party and ask will you be my valentine and also sung a song Meri duniya hai tujme kahin, Tere bin me kya kuch bhi nahi and gifted a diamond ring as well.

  8. FAMILY AFFAIR:Our is an arranged cum love marriage.I belong to a telugu community and my husband to a tamil community.Everything went on very well.But suddenly there was a missunderstanding between both the families and there were no talking terms.I was very upset with this.I tried to patchup both the families but failed in the attempts.Two long years passed….On valentine’s day my husband surprised me with my family members……Tears roll down…..I was not aware of the ground work of my honey for making me happy.That was the most memorable valentine’s day for me.Even if he would have gifted me a Diamond necklace,it would not give me happiness,the surprise which he gave to me is more precious than any diamond.My honey’s love gave me immense happiness on valentine’s day <3 <3 <3

  9. This Valentine I brought the gift & cards for my husband & son as well .Purchased greeting cards few chocolates & order 2 bouquets (online) for both .On 14 Feb 16 I gave cards & chocolates in a time interval since morning finally 12.00 o clock bouquets has come for my husband & my son that time my son reaction was too good he felt shy & told me " ab bas karo mamma I know You love me so much & I love you too very much " I was so happy after listen it.. I did never ever feel so happy before this Valentine …. I can say This was my best & sweet Valentine Day …

  10. On the occasion of Valentine’s day we spent time cooking together at home and when the dinner time came, my husband surprised me with a special program of fun contests and, there was prizes to win! That little touch of creativity made our dinner time more fun and entertaining and, at the end of the evening, when it’s time to receive prizes, it became so romantic……..

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