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Saree from the South. Konrad Saree.

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Posted on January 18 2016

Sarees are an Indian traditional outfit but the variations found is them seem to be endless. So much of the different sarees from different regions of Indian have we spoken in our previous blogs and here comes another. The well-known sarees for a number of reasons, hailing from Tamil Nadu is the Konrad saree.

There are a number of qualities about the saree, but he one that has made it well known for its traditional affluence. Konrad sarees are known as “Temple sarees”, for a simple reason that this saree is worn by women for temple deities. The other name on Konrad saree is “Mubbhagam Saree”.

Similar to many sarees that we had come across, the motifs of Konrad saree is also quite similar. Intricate designs of peacocks, elephants, parrots, flowers, vines etc, inspired from Flora and Fauna are designed on the border of the saree.

These designs add a touch of elegance and richness to the saree. Also the fabric of Konrad saree is quite unique, it’s very much a silk saree, however doesn’t really look like one.

The Konrad sarees are very much worn during marriages and other traditional occasions.
The border of this saree is approximately 10-40 cm. The saree is in woven pattern, either checks or stripes. Every border has a different name and hence every Konrad saree is named after the colour of its border. Earlier Arni was believed to be the birthplace of Konrad sarees. Today you will find these sarees in Kumbakonam or Thanjavur area of South India.

The exclusive designs, rich borders, fine fabric these and many other qualities of Konrad saree make it one of the most preferred traditional sarees.


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  • It seems exquisite and traditional! !! R u guys bringing dis in your collections?

    Posted by Anupama | January 18, 2016
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