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5 Reasons You Need To Show Up In A Sari

Written by Trends


Posted on February 07 2013

Sari Or Safe? So you have been avoiding that sari for days, weeks, months, years and choosing the safer option.  A salwar kameez or lehenga maybe the safer option out at a formal evening do but it rarely adds the oodles of glam and grace that one piece of garment the sari does to your body and face.

1-     Versatile Woman. It’s easy to don a churidar and kurta and anyone can do so within minutes almost effortlessly. It’s a fitted straight outfit where you can’t go wrong. A sari on the other hand has many aspects to it be it the pleat or the pallu it can be worn in various ways.

2-     Sari Surrender. Saris can be worn glamorously, elegantly, and traditionally or any other way you please. They can be molded into an avatar you want to portray. Dress your sari with complementing jewellery and your look will be remembered and talked about.

3-     Poised To Perfection. A lady who can carry of a sari owns the room the moment she enters. It’s the way she carries it off, it’s the grace and poise and everything the garment exudes that makes the entire outfit even more exclusive than any other Indian outfit that there is.

4-     Cheap Chic. Saris need not always be brand new or bought for a special occasion. Dig out something old and classy from your mom’s or grand mom’s closet and watch people bewildered at your exquisite choice.

5-     Contemporary Yet Traditional. An ordinary sari can be made to look glitzy with a stylish blouse and traditional sari can be stitched to make it fit like it was made for you. Gone are the days when girls played it safe. It’s time show off, strut the stuff and nothing is a bit too much. Convert the traditional into modern and get modern to look mesmerizing.

With a sari, there is no wrong, you can only go right and ravishing!



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