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This winter, wear sarees in style.

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Posted on January 07 2016

Every Indian woman loves to wear sarees. Be it in any season, we can’t really stop ourselves from wearing it at any given occasion. However, as per the season we wear sarees that are comfortable. For summer we wear cotton sarees, in the monsoon we prefer wearing sarees that can be dried quickly. In winters, flaunting this beautiful attire gets a bit difficult as we cover it up with sweater, shawals etc. So let’s take a look at fashion trends that can make you look cool even while you wear a sweater or drape a shawal. Isn’t fashion about comfort first, so let’s unveil saree styling tips for winter.

  • Silk sarees are warm and gives you a really classy look. The fabric is rich and elegant and what else would be a better choice than silk in winter
  • Blouses are given much emphasis these days. A number of styles are available in saree blouses. So make a fashion statement and try wearing blouses that are elbow length or also collared blouses to give you a bold look and also providing comfort during the winters
  • Also, jackets, with subtle embroidery on a blouse can give you a classy look
  • If you are still comfortable on wearing a sweater on your blouse, try wearing one with a contrast colour, and a pattern that complements your winter look
  • Pashmina shawals are perfect to go with the winter look. They add elegance to the saree and gives one a rich look

Sarees are forever graceful, so why not flaunt them and make a fashion statement every time you wear them.

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