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Tips for wearing sarees perfectly

Written by Trends


Posted on January 05 2016


Sarees are always beautiful and attractive. It’s like the dream of every young girl to wear a saree. But unlike our mothers and grandmothers, who have been wearing saree for years, it is a bit of a task for us. Securing the pallu, not tripping over your saree, making sure that the petticoat you’re wearing is in place, all these things are very important. So, understanding your predicament, we thought of sharing a few tips of wearing a saree, so that it no more sounds difficult but will be too much fun.

  1. Secure, carefully.

Make sure you use small pins to secure your falling pallu or even near the pleats. Trust us, the pin does magic, and you don’t have even a thing to worry about. It will make you as carefree as you feel pulling a pair of jeans. Also, at special events or occasions, you wouldn’t want to have an embarrassing moment, by letting your pallu fly on seeing it drop from your shoulder. So the first trick is, secure the pallu on the shoulder and then the pleats.


  1. No floor cleaning

Girls, while draping the saree, make sure that it’s tucked accurately. The most annoying thing and the saddest thing happening to a saree is, letting it sweep the floor. See to that that the saree is tucked properly and will let your move freely.


  1. Perfect Petticoat

 Trust me, but when you have a beautiful saree, you really need to have the perfect petticoat. When you find the right saree, your job isn’t done there. Your petticoat should be of the right colour, even if it’s matching or if you wearing a shimmer petticoat under a netted saree is fine, as long as it doesn’t peep out of your saree every now and then.


  1. Fabric Factor.

 Fashion is nothing if it isn’t giving you comfort. So when you find the right saree, that you’re totally in love with, before you experience that Eureka moment, remember, the fabric of the saree is of crucial importance. Touch and feel the fabric, see if its suiting your skin, if the fabric is or its embroidery is piercing your skin then no matter how beautiful or expensive the saree is, it will make you uncomfortable and worse, will let people know of your discomfort with the saree.





  • Dear Team, i have bought 3 saree till now and find out that same fabric in my hand, also the plus point is for yellow fashion website that what is in picture the same we get, so thank you so much for the supper website online shopping, also one suggestion please provide the good material saree below 1000 Rs-/As the same one did not find…thanks

    Posted by Horain fayyaz | January 08, 2016
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