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Sarees to wear for different events.

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Posted on December 05 2015

Saree is one of the most beautiful attire for women. It is one such piece of cloth that can be draped in a number of styles and can be worn on almost every occasion. We have sarees made of different fabrics, embroideries, hand work etc. the choice is endless. However, it is also very important to know which kind of style of saree, which fabric, colour and drape is appropriate for which occasion. To make this decision rather easy, here are a few tips that can help you pick the right saree on every occasion. And when there is such huge variety in sarees, why not take the chance to try each one of them?

Saree for Office/ Formal wear

A simple yet elegant saree is the best for office wear. One with minimalistic design or embroidery would be the best for meetings as well. These days we have a variety of sarees available in plain colours, just team it up with a simple printed blouse and there you are! Also, at work it is important that you are comfortable wearing a saree, comfort level tops the priority list for office wear, so do pay attention to your draping style. Make sure that it’s properly pinned and stays intact throughout the day. Cotton saree are always better for office wear as cotton fabric is cool and light in weight, which makes it comfortable to carry at work.

Saree for Festivals/ Weddings

It is important to consider the time of the event. If a wedding is in the day, then opt for light colours with decent embroidery. The reason being, in a country like India, it’s pretty hot and humid in the day time, wearing heavy embroidered sarees will be a task to carry and light colours would add the subtlety to your look. Light yet elegant jewellery would just complete the look. Also, wear a saree with light fabric. If it’s an evening or a night event, then take the liberity to wear heavy sarees, with the best of embroideries, you needn’t worry about the weight of the saree. Also, for night events, dark colours are preferable. Sarees such as Kanchipuram, Banarasi, Sambhalpuri, Paithani,  are traditional and apt for weddings.

Sarees for Party

The best part about saree is you can drape it in any style. It can have a traditional as well as a western style depending on the drape. So if it’s a high-profile dinner party or just a casual dinner with your friends or husband, wear a saree that has rich fabric but is preferably plain or with little yet elegant work. A good and rich fabric always shows even if it’s a plain saree. Also, wear minimalistic jewellery, mostly simple diamante jewellery would look perfect with your saree.

Saree for Casual wear/ Travelling.

While picking a saree for a causal wear, consider the climate, drape, occasion and also the traveling time. If you are going on a journey that is going to take you a few hours, wear a light saree. Make sure the blouse is also, not heavily embroidered. Fabrics such as chiffons and georgettes are the best for such use.




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