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Tips to preserve your traditional sarees.

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Posted on December 03 2015

The traditional Saree are a priceless possessions passed down from our grandmothers to our mothers and to us. These beautiful sarees, along with their traditional and artistic magnificence has a number of emotions attached to them. And under no condition can we afford to spoil them. It’s like a family treasure that every woman wants to preserve. But to keep these sareess in their best of condition is little bit of a handwork. No, no it isn’t that difficult, just a few tips and your traditional treasures will stay as they are for years to come.

Chiffons and Georgette

The most delicate sareer are the Chiffons and Georgettes. We all take extra care of these sarees. Even during wearing them we avoid using too many pins and also after the use, it’s important to take off the pins real carefully. Also, while you wash these sarees make sure to be gentle on them and let them dry naturally. Also, if these sarees have heavy work or any kind of embroidery on them make sure to stack them up in the cupboard instead of hanging themS. Time and again, refold them, this helps in avoiding the ripping of the sarees.


Cotton sarees also need special care. When washing a new cotton saree, make sure to soak them in a bucket of warm water with rock salt, this helps in preventing colour loss. Always dry cotton sarees in shade, as this will prevent colour fading. Cotton sarees are to be taken special care of with regards to its colour. And last but not the least, starch your cotton saree to retain its stiffness.

Tissue and Organza Sarees

The first and foremost rule to preserve Tissue and Organza is to never put them in a washing machine. These sarees are delicate and have high chances of tearing. Just like georgettes and chiffons, these sarees should be refolded time and again. It is always better to dry-clean these sarees and always stack them in the cupboard instead of hanging them.

Silk and Zari Sarees.

Silk saree are one of the most preserved sarees. Apart from being expensive they also need special care. Silk sarees are always better to be dry cleaned. Also to retain their sheen, crap them in cotton cloth. Never spray water on them while ironing as this leaves stain on the sare.



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