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Things to Avoid while wearing a saree

Written by Trends


Posted on November 27 2015

Wearing a saree is quite easy though. With the introduction of ready-made sarees, draping and carrying saree isn’t a problem at all. Even for someone who isn’t used to this attire, it’s as easy as wearing any of your other most comfortable outfits. However, to wear this charismatic piece of elegance, it is important to wear everything that complements it, one wrong accessory and the look goes for a toss.

So here are a few tips to help you avoid silly mistake s while wearing a saree.

Make sure that when you wear the saree, it’s apt and makes heads turn.


A number of hairstyles go with the saree, however it is essential for one to know which one suits you the best. Also, the front look of your hair matters a lot but so does the back. Your hairstyle, viewed from any angle should look good.


Be it for a wedding, a nice evening with your family or any other family function. The minute you step out of your house you need a handbag. There are a number of important things that you need to carry. But do you think the bag that has got you too many complements and is one of your favourite or even the one that goes well with your other outfits would look good with a saree? You may be wrong. A clutch or a small ‘Batwa’, would do justice to your look. So make sure you avoid carrying huge bags or tote’s with a saree.


Comfortable walking is very important with a saree. Make sure you wear the right footwear when you wear a saree. If something is uncomfortable, avoid wearing it.


Loose, misfit blouses are a big turn off. And a bigger disaster with a beautiful saree. It also makes one comfortable when your blouse slips from your shoulder and gets you busy adjusting it. Lately, the blouses have gained eveal importance as the saree. Designer and trendy blouses are grabbing attention. With this, you will never want people to look at you for all the wrong reasons. So make sure your blouse is well, fitted and is as beautiful as the saree you’re wearing.


Make up isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s about your face, the most important part of your body and hence should be taken crucial care of. Make sure you get it done for a professional or if you need budget ideas, then hey! We have youtube. Browse through make-up tips and make sure that you don’t overdo it. s



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