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Sarees For summer

Written by Trends


Posted on October 21 2015

Saree is a beautiful attire, however, with this scorching heat, it is a bit difficult to drape this 6 yard beauty, that’s what most of us think. For those you have an undying love for sarees, don’t let anything stop you from wearing it. Here’s a quick look into what kind of sarees one should wear during the monsoon.


Georgette is a very light fabric. With having a soft feel to it, it is also makes a beautiful saree. Being an expensive fabric, a blend of georgette is always available, named as Ploy Georgette. It is available at affordable prices, is light weight and looks beautiful. It is a perfect fabric to beat the heat and still looks gorgeous.


A fabric that has gained its name for a number of reasons is cotton. Cool, comfortable and an elegant wear. Cotton sarees  can are apt for the summer. Also, along with being comfortable, they come in a variety of prints and deigns. So, just upgrade your wardrobe with a good number of cotton sarees.

Chiffon: Ask any woman about the best saree fabrics and you are sure to hear this name. A number of designers have craved beautiful designs out of this fabric. It has all the qualities one could ask for.
Light weight, elegance, and one that is comfortable and affordable. What more can you ask for?

This is our favourite list of fabrics to wear in summer. Tell us which fabric is your favourite fabric for summer!

Net sarees

It’s smooth, it’s attractive and it is a designer’s delight. The best thing about net is that they are available in a wide range. Buy the right kind of net and you will love wearing sarees during the summer.



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