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Navratri: The festival of Dance, music and fashion

Written by Trends


Posted on October 16 2015

Navratri is a festival celebrated to worship Goddess Durga or her Avatars. The festival is celebrated with so much enthusiasm and zeal in all parts of the country. We all know that it’s a nine day festival, and that’s exactly from where the name Navratri is derived. During the festival a very well-known form of dance, Garba is played. But how many of us know the fact about this dance form, what does it actually mean.

The word Garba is derived from the Sanskrit word womb. It is performed in circle, around the Goddess. The belief is that the time in Hinduism is cyclical. Hence, the dance moments that are in circle signifies the cycle of time from birth to life then to death and to rebirth. The Godess that is placed in between is believed to be the only unmoving symbol between the infinite cycle of life.

With colourful costumes and music the festival is a great celebration. In the past few years, we have noticed a little more excitement added to it.  And that is the introduction of various colour for everyday during the Navratri. So, each day, ladies and even men, wear the colour of the day.

Navratri being a trendy festival, with the Garba participants wearing ethnic wear like, Chaniya Choli, Ghargra and also colourful sarees, the new colour of the day trend has made the festival a remarkable one. The coming few years will bring a lot many surprises it seems. We may have a costume of the day, or even a peculiar hairstyle for the days.

Share with us, what all excitement can be added or should form a part of this festival and we shall add it in our next blog.


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