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Enhancing your saree every bit

Written by Abhijeet Pawar


Posted on October 21 2015

Saree isn’t a single piece of cloth that can be worn. It is accompanied by a blouse and a petticoat that is worn underneath the saree. With the boom in designer blouses, the petticoat is surely gaining equal importance. How can we forget, the shape of one’s body and the fall of a saree, completely depends on the right petticoat.

Along with the look, it is also important that the petticoat, is doing justice to your body, saree and also proving the comfort that you require.  So, before getting a petticoat stitched for a saree or buying it readymade, here’s are a few thing to keep in mind.


The measurement

Look out for petticoats with lesser kalis to give you that slender look. Also, the drawstrings is a thing of the past, opt for a petticoat with an interlock zip and a hook. This is prevent the bulge that forms over the belly because of the petticoat. Also, one must check the length of the petticoat, you would not like your petticoat playing a peek-a-boo from beneath your saree, right?


The fabric/style

Choose a petticoat that you are comfortable in. see if the fabric suits you and doesn’t make you feel hot. Cotton and silk petticoats are available in the market. The petticoat isn’t just an undergarment that should ensure comfort to the wearer.


The style

Bollywood and the growing fashion trends has taught us so much about every attire that we wear. And the most beautiful things is the use of a contrast, shimmer petticoat that would enhance the beauty of your saree. A sheer saree would look fab with a shimmering gold or or dull gold petticoat. A number of colours are available to add enough oomph to one’s traditional look.


Make a statement with your saree. The blouse, the petticoat and everything that you are supposed to wear with a saree, make it look nothing less than the best. Look for references and soon you’ll have admirers for your saree sense.



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