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Chanderi saree

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Posted on September 29 2015

One of the most famous sarees in India is the Chandari Saree. This saree originates from Chanderi, a town in Madhya Pradesh. The saree has been popular, loved and admired by many and still remains one of the favourite type of saree. So what makes it so special? Read below to know it.

The saree is made from pure silk, chanderi cotton and silk cotton. The patterns are attractive motifs of traditional coins, geometric designs, peacocks that are precisely woven in various chanderi patterns.  Mythology also has a mention of the chanderi saree, where it is said that chanderi was founded by Shisupal, lord Krishna’s cousin.

The ancient traditional saree that is patronized by royalty. The richnes is reflected in the fabric as well as the embellishment of zari over finely textured fabric. In weddings and grand occasions, Chandari gives one a stature of royalty and elegance.

The subtle glossiness, the light weightiness and texture of the Chandari fabrics makes it stand out.

Initially, it was woven using handspun cotton warps and wefts. It was spun as fine as 300 counts, and was as prized amongst cotton fabrics as the famed muslins of Dhaka.

However, soon Chanderi weavers discovered Japanese silk and replaced this with the wraps in cotton sarees. They also created a silk variety which increased their profit margins.

Today, it is difficult to find a genuine chanderi saree, as many counterfeit chanderi sarees have been available at retail stores, which benefits the sellers.

The chanderi fabric is used to produce sarees as well as salwar suits. So, if you wish to pose a classy look at a wedding soon, you know what to look for!





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