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The rising demand for saree borders!

Written by Trends


Posted on September 29 2015

Along with the best of fabric, embellishment, embroidery, colour and other elements of an attire, be it saree or salwaar suits, the border is also an integral part. In the current, fashion conscious era, borders have attracted huge popularity. With designer sarees, the demand for unique and attractive borders has also gone high.

Borders dominate the occasion a particular costume should be worn at. Huge heavy borders for weddings, plain and light borders for casual wear, shimmer for festivals, matt finished borders for formal wear and so on. These borders add so much to an attire that even a plain coloured saree, can just pop up with a big, heavy studded border.

It has also made easy to design saree or salwar suits by oneself. Buying a plain fabric, that’s length of a sare, buying a border as per your requirnment and there! You have a designer saree for yourself. Also it is a best way to reuse your old plain sarees. Borders also look great on printed sarees. Various sarees borders such as chandari border, paithani border, zardosi border, machine embroidered border etc. are easily available in the local market.

So, if you planning to design a saree/salwar suits for yourself, using a border, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Check the fabric that you wish to use
  • Make sure the weight of the border is bearable by the fabric
  • Consider the occasion it is supposed to be used
  • Try contrast, matching and other available borders by placing it against your fabric
  • Check if the colour or the embellishment of the border is of good quality





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