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Nauvari, then and now.

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Posted on September 28 2015


The Nauvari saree is a traditional Maharashtrian attire mostly worn by Maharashtrain Brahmin women. The name Nauvari is derived from the sarees length which is nine yards. It is also referred as Ludga or Kashta saree. It’s has a difficult draping technique, however, it’s the grace of Maharashtra and even today many women drape it and is also worn by the Maharashtrain brides on their wedding day.

The appearance of the saree is trouser like as it is draped around each leg and tied at the back, making it comfortable and easy for the wearer to move. It also doesn’t need a petticoat unlike other sarees.

Even in today’s fashion conscious society the Kashta or Nauvari saree holds significant importance as it is an integral part of the Maharashtrain culture. A lot of times even the contemporary fashion has been inspired by this style of saree. During a lot of Maharashtrain festivals the Nauvari saree is worn. Its grace and charm has also made Bollywood divas wear it in films.


The saree is mostly made in cotton and silk. The gold graceful border along with small motifs is what makes it elegant. However, the draping is a real challenge with the Nuavari saree.

With its growing demand, the Nauvari saree is now available ready-made or pre-stitched. These saree are already draped in the typical nauvari style and can be worn with ease. So, if you desire to wear it saree and are worried about draping it, rest assured, the ready-made nauvari would surely be the perfect choice.

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