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Get Saree Uniforms Customised with Brand Name, Logos, Color Shades & Prints

Written by Darshan Patodi


Posted on June 13 2015

We are launching a new initiative to Personalize / Customize Saree uniforms to reflect the Brand, Color & Logo identity of your organization. This service will be of great use if you are part of an Education Institute, Retailer, Jeweller, Event Management Company or a Mahilla Mandal.
Launching Full Customization Services for Orders for Sarees (min qty 25).
For Educational institutes (Colleges / Schools / Coaching Classes)
Get teachers and staff to carry the True Brand of your Institute. Get customised saree uniforms designed with Colors, Shades, Embroidery and Fabric to reflect the true identity of your educational institute. We’ll be able to do logo printing and design of your institute on the sarees.
For Event Management companies
Create Saree prints & designs to meet the specific event requirement in mind. For ex. Creating beautiful sarees with photograph’s of Bride & Groom for a Wedding. Designing a theme based Saree for a corporate event. 
For Large Functions
Be it a large Religious Event or Mahila Mandal Function, a Corporate Football Event or a Festive celebration. We can help you create a custom saree design to make a large impact for the event.
For Retailers / Jewellers / Banks
Give your team customized Sarees to reflect the real image of your brand. We can customize the look, fabric and color shades to meet the brand color guidelines.
If you have a requirement or if you need more details, do write to us on or whatsapp / call us on +91-8080530700.

A custom design of Saree Uniform for a Corporate Football Event 



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