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Home Blog - News Wish to become an entrepreneur. Start your Saree Store.

Wish to become an entrepreneur. Start your Saree Store.

Saree is the Indian traditional outfit and the all time favourite attire of women from all over the country and the globe as well. The variation in this outfit is numerous. Women from every nook and corner of the country admire the Saree and buy as many types of saree as they could get their hands on. So to begin with a successful saree business, below are a few tips.

Know your Target Group – It is very important for you to know your Target Group before your start stocking the sarees. This will help you decide on which saree should be stocked and in what amount. So look round, check the location where you would be setting up your store. If you wish to start from home then make a list of your friends, relatives and neighbors who wear sarees and what kind do they prefer.

The price range –  You want your stock to move and hence, you need to stock sarees that your potential clients would buy. You need to know much does a woman spend on sarees a year. What is the price range she looks at? How much would a working woman spend and how much would a housewife spend.

The stock – Try and understand your client's taste. Do they buy designer sarees often or do they prefer cotton office wear sarees. This will help you buy the right stock and make your cash register ring.

Try and get your neighbours, friends, relatives, workmates and organize an exhibition. It could be at your home. Show them the stock, ask questions. Also try out social media for promoting your business.

These are just a few tips but good enough to get you started.


  1. I have started business of dresses, kurties, jeans, tops, anarkali dresses etc and want to add saree but the main problem is about dead stock….If u have any return policy of unsell stocks then i am interested .

  2. I have a saree store at my residence. Let me know whether you supply on wholesale rates. That is can I get Sarees from you for rescaling. Regards.

  3. I would like to start store.help me.

  4. hi
    i read the above column. its really beneficial. i also have started saarees business from home. i create designer saarees. i would like to ask that is there any option through which we can display our designs on yellow fashion.
    waiting to here from you.

  5. I am interested.. But afraid , no much ideas on saree.

  6. i am interested in starting a saree store

  7. i am interested in starting a saree store

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