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Home Blog - News Contest: How do you manage to play Garba late and still look fresh at work?

Contest: How do you manage to play Garba late and still look fresh at work?


Navratri are those nine days that are full of Dance, Music and Masti. However with the busy schedule that we follow at work, it is quite difficult to enjoy the Garba and still look fresh at work the next day. Tell us how you manage to counter this issue and look refreshing all the time and win a Green and Black wrinkle crepe party Saree.




Submit your ideas on our Blog. The cut of date for the contest is Sunday, 5th October, 2014 - midnight 00:00:00 hrs.

Keep shopping, keep reading and keep winning!

 *Terms and conditions

The winner will be selected by our panel of experts

Adhering to the contest guidelines is important

Only one winner will be selected





The Winner of How do you manage to play Garba late and still look fresh at work?” contest and also the winner of the Green and Black wrinkle crepe party Saree is Ms. Ragini Doshi. Our heartiest congratulations to her.


  1. I wear a yellow saree in my 1st holi celebration. Yellow saree is my favoruite.

  2. my first holi after my marrige is very special for me
    I like to wear a multicolored desighner saree for this special occation all the colours of holi in a saree are made for a beautiful lady to drap around and fill the colour in her celebration.

  3. Life is a festival n one must enjoy every moment of it as will be my very first festival after marriage I am very much excited n looking forward to it .I got a beautiful saree as gift from my husband on the occasion of this festival. Garba playing is fun as it addz life n energy to our monotonous life n this feeling gives us energy to live every moment of it without getting tired.Life is colourful n Yellow Fashion sarees add more colour n extravagant glamour to it .Enjoy life.

  4. My first holi experiance was very exciting.even though i am a maharashtrian,i am being brought up in kerala.so i didnot know much about the traditions of maharashtra.i was too shy.but it was a wonderful experiance for me becoz i got more closer to my husband i n this festival.everything was new to me but i enjoyed every bit of it.I was wearing a beige colour saree on my first holi after marriage.Holi is very close to my heart becoz it was the first festival immediatly after marriage.

  5. Designer saree looks very nice and saree itself is our tradition. Designer saree looks more attractive on women. It improves the look of the women and shape also. I love designer sarees.

  6. Celebration cums once a year n tat year cums once in life…
    You should live each moment of ur life to the fullest as it will not cum again…
    So make it special we need something special n different n tat can be done by wearing graceful clothes..
    So according to me designer saree can fulfill this requirement n tats y they special on special festivals….

  7. Designer sarees are made for beautiful ladies to drape around and mesmirise the world with the beauty of the lady and brain of the craftsmen.

  8. Designer saree is the first choice of modern day women….. Because “It beautify’s You in the most simplest of its form”. Fits your pocket and add variety to once’s wardrobe.

  9. Festivals are very close to everyone specially in Indian culture. Besides follwoing the old traditions & culture, we at this this generation try to make the festivals a little more modern in our own innovative ways. A saree is one attire which every lady be it of any age group looks forward to wear in the festive season. A designer saree not only gives the look that you want , but also gives you a status quo. It helps people know your taste in terms of comnbinations in the materials, colour combinations , etc. offered in a designer saree. Moreover, a designer saree these days are become easily availale through online shopping & they are not very heavy to carry as well.Hence, celebrating a festival(carrying forward the old culture)in a desginer saree (with a modern look) is a perfect blend for celebrating festivals. However, it is always said a lady looks the best in a saree.So, why not get more compliments by wearing a desginer saree. Seems like an icing on the cake…

  10. Designer sarries fill colours in our celebration. .nd more energy makes celebrations memorable

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