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Kalamkari Sarees

Written by Trends


Posted on September 30 2014


A very famous cotton textile which is hand painted and produced in certain parts of India is known as Kalamkari. It employs one of the most intricate techniques which are related to the painting of fabrics. The art is distinguished in its two styles namely Machilipatnam and Srikalabasti. A pen also known as the ‘Kalam’ is used in order to make a free hand painting on the fabric and then the colors also are filled with hands.

The styles portray religious depictions and have temple hangings, scrolls, chariots, and deities etc. which are inspired by the Hindu epics. The dyes used for painting are normally extracted from plants and a total of 17 steps are employed to produce this saree. During the manufacturing process, the entire fabric is washed minimum twenty times. The fabric is given a unique color effect by making use of natural resources such as cow dung, milk, flowers, seeds etc. Generally cotton fabric is used to make these sarees. A glossy effect is added to them by making use of Myrobalans.

Many families from Andhra Pradesh have been patronizing and practicing this art from generations to generations. The sarees give you a comfortable look and the use of historical and mythological architecture gives it an auspicious look.



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