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Gadwal Sarees

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Posted on September 30 2014


Gadwal Sarees originate from the town of Gadwal located in Andhra Pradesh. The sarees are designed based on the architecture and temples of the region. The elegant and gorgeous mixture of design and fabric make these sarees stand out in comparison with others.

The saree uses cotton as a raw material and the borders are made of silk designs. The borders are made attractive and employ exotic shapes which add to the beauty of the saree. The sarees which are woven by hand were highly popular right from its inception. The mixture of cotton drape and silk borders is done in such style that it suits you for any event and occasion. The designs are normally woven in colors that contrast each other.

The borders of the saree are available in large, medium and small borders. If the borders are made of golden zari, the attractiveness of the saree reaches another level altogether. Infact, the silver and golden zari borders provide a cult status to the Gadwal sarees. Earlier, these sarees did not sport any design, however the new designs encompasses various geometrical figures and the rich architecture depicted in the temples.

The saree is highly versatile and is suitable for a variety of events ranging from a neighborhood get-together to a grand wedding reception. The zari work gives these sarees an elegant and gorgeous look and hence would suit you for any occasion or event.




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