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The Dancing feet

Written by Trends


Posted on August 31 2014



The wedding is the most important day of a person’s life. For girls, its all the more important as it includes us to do the thing that we love the most, shopping! Right from clothes, accessories, make-up kits, hair slips to footwear. That’s the day when everything requires to be perfect, especially the look of the bride. We spend hours on end, months prior to the wedding in making sure everything is in place and that we haven’t missed out on anything important, coz for a wedding, everything is important. But as compared to all the things required, we tend to pay a little less attention to our, beautiful, pedicured feet.



Wedding in India is music, food and dance. It’s a celebration that if full of enjoyment. And in such a celebration, the newly weds is the center of attraction. Along with completing the wedding rituals, standing for hours on stage and dance till late night, your feet tend to suffer.


So here are a few tips to let your feet relax, feel comfortable and stay away from the terrible pain of wearing high heals.

  • While selecting a footwear, make sure that the height of the heals is something you have worn before. Wedding day is not the right day for experimentation.
  • Consider the length of your outfit. If your outfit is heavy than go for something that is light on your feet, as you may have to lift your ghagara, while walking.
  • Make sure that your footwear is good on the dance floor. If any signs of tripping and embarrassing yourself in the hall is seen in the footwear you're about to buy, change your mind.
  • Opt for platform heals or wedges, they would look stylish and will be comfortable at the same time.
  • Make sure that the footwear you're wearing is prefect in size and doesn’t cause you any hurt, as the shoe bite marks are quite stubborn and it would spoil the beautiful pedicured, mehendi applied feet of yours.


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