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The Street of Dariba Kalan

Written by Trends


Posted on August 31 2014


If you are from Chadani Chowk or have ever been there, I’m sure you must have surely visited “The Street of the Incomparable Pearl’, that’s Dariba Kalan, Asia’s largest jewellery market. Dariba Kalan is a 17th century jewellery market located within the city of Delhi and connects the Chandni Chowk area with Jama Mashjid. The market is a one stop destination for all your jewellery shopping. Gold, silver, pearls, or anything that you ever desired. Jewellery with beautiful designs is made and sold here.

The shop on this street deals in gold, silver, kundan, stones and much more. There might not be as much shops like earlier, however the shops on these streets exist from the 19th century and are experts in jewellery designs.

The smaller street near the Dariba Kalan, is known as Dariba Khurd or Chotta Dariba. The word itself means small. The street is now known as Kinari Bazaar. This is in reference to its history as a popular market for precious stones and gold and silver jewelry, especially under the reign of the 17th-century Mughal emperor Shah Jahan.

And after a long walk while shopping on the Dariba Kalan, take a break and grab a few sweet bites of Jalebi to have the best Jalebis ever. That’s not all, this street has more to offer you. If you are found of natural perfumes, ‘itar’, than this must surely be on your visit list.

Even Bollywood wouldn’t miss this street, as Dariba Kalan is mentioned in the popular song Kajrare from the film Bunty and Babli.




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