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Warli Printing

Written by Trends


Posted on September 10 2014


The Warli painting in back in trend. The painting is basically a graphic vocabulary comprising of a circle, triangle and a square. The Warli art belongs to the tribes and adivasis living in the mountains of Maharashtra and Gujarat border.These Warli tribes speak in the Warli language with a bit influence from Gujarat. The Warli painting is inspired by Nature, the sun, the moon and trees. This painting was done on pots and murals, later this art found its way on fabrics as well. Today, kurtis, dresses, skirts and sarees have this warli printing.

Warli Art is cultural intellectual property of the tribal community. Understanding the need for intellectual property rights, tribal non-profit Organisation "Adivasi Yuva Seva Sangh" initiated efforts to start a registration process in 2011. Now, tribal art can be registered with a Geographical Indication under the intellectual property rights act. With the use of technology & the concept of social entrepreneurship, Tribals established the Warli Art Foundation, a non-profit company dedicated to Warli art and related activities

The painting has a unique touch and is very appealing. Pots, handicrafts and other such mud made items had Warli painting done on it, however after its adaptation on fabrics, a lot of designers have tried it on their collection. This has given a different dimension to the Warli art. Designer outfits now flaunt the Warli art, nevertheless the art has worked brilliantly on outfits as well. the Indian touch and distinctive design makes an outfit look smart and chic.







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