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Saree, The Dhoti Style

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Posted on July 29 2014

 The Saree is one attire that gives the wearer a chance to experiment with it in many ways. This liberty comes from the fact that its an unstitched piece of fabric that can be draped in many ways than one. Saree being the traditional Indian attire has been worn all around the county, however, the style of draping, prints and fabrics varies from state to state. During the last few years, Saree has gained much popularity all around the world. A lot of Hollywood divas have been spotted wearing Saree. Whereas in Bollywood, its not just a traditional attire, but a fashion statement.

Indian designers have added a number of dimensions to this piece of fabric and have given it a personality altogether. Lately, Indian fashion designer have made an astonishing mix of the vintage and the contemporary style of saree and given it a different look.


The evolution of sarees has been more than any other garment. With so many innovations, with designer blouses, animal printed sarees, floral prints, half and half sarees, lehenga sarees, the new draping style that’s in trend is the Dhoti style saree draping. Its innovative, quirky and chic.

Who must have thought that the traditional Dhoti worn by Indian men would one day turn into a hot and smart draping style for the traditional India women outfit? But that’s the beauty of this attire, it can be made in colours, prints, worn in different styles yet it never falls short to give the elegance and royalty that its known for. A lot of fashionistas have been seen waring the dhoti style saree, if you are all for experiment and carrying it off in style, pull out a trendy printed sarees from your wardrobe and drape it the dhoti way.



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