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Get-set for a Monsoon wedding

Written by Trends


Posted on July 28 2014

Wedding is a great time to flaunt those designer outfits, sarees, lehengas, and jewelleries and dress-up to stun the crowd. However, weddings in monsoon can get a little messy. But that’s no reason to compromise on standing out in the crowd, there are just a few do’s and don’ts that you need to follow, to glamorize your look and yet stay away from the mess caused in the rains.


Colour colour which colour – We contemplate a lot on which colours to choose for a wedding. Sometimes we go with colours that suit our skin tone, some that are in trend and some of our favourite colours. But in monsoon, you have to be extra careful before you make that choice.


Light colours in monsoon run the risk of getting stained, and we all know one’s its stained, you are sure to get all upset about it throughout the wedding. So for monsoon, make sure the colours that you wear are either dark or have print that can camouflage if at all they get mud stains. Earthy tones and dark shades are perfect for the season.


Embroidery – When our clothes get wet they get heavy, and it gets a little difficult for us to carry them. Also if you chose a light coloured embroidery than you have to be sure that the rains don’t spoil them. Try wearing Sarees that have light work but look heavy at the same time. The latest trends in huge borders that are light yet give you that elegant look are apt for monsoon.


Make-up – Ladies, we just can’t afford to mess up with our make-up. So be extra careful with it and go for a water proof make-up, try to keep it minimal.


Hairdo - In monsoons its best to go for a hair style that lets you keep your hair open. Buns and braids may get your scalp itchy if at all your hair happens to get exposed to the rains. So a nice hairdo with open hair and a fresh flower or a broach will work wonders for you.


Jewellery – If you’re opting for gold than it’s safe but if you happen to opt for artificial jewellery, semi-precious stones than make sure they don’t tarnish.


Foot-wear – Wedges, stilettos, platforms with embellishments is the regular choice for weddings but consider the venue of the wedding and accordingly chose your footwear.



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