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From Tip to TOE

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Posted on July 28 2014

We mix and match a lot of accessories with our outfits. Bangles, kadas, choker, rings, studs and so much more. The concept of indo-western look is much accepted and practiced these days. It gives one a unique and quirky look. And that’s the best part about it, to make two different styles combine and make it look cool. So much have we spotted girls wearing an ethnic skirt with a western top and adding a dozen of bangles to pep-up the look, or wearing a single baju-bandh with a T-back.

Fashion goes a long way with combining a lot of things to get you a smart and comfortable look. There are no rules to it, all you gota know is to wear the right thing at the right time. And the most that has been experimented these days is with the accessory. Old Indian accessories have been given a contemporary look with the touch of latest trends, be it in prints, designs and a lot more. And that’s what brings me to Toe-rings.


We all have seen our mothers, grandmothers, neighbours and a lot of women wearing it. Toe-ring is a jewellery that has strong significance in India. Toe-rings wear and are still worn by married Hindu women. It’s a symbol of a marriage Toe rings are called Bichuya in Hindi, Mettelu in Telugu, Metti in Tamil & Kalungura in Kannada, jodavi in Marathi. It traces its roots back to the age of Ramayana, where there has been a mention of Sita, when abducted by Ravana, threw her toe ring in the way, so that lord Rama could find her.



Today, not just married but a lot of unmarried women also don this accessory. The toe-ring is not just a band, but an accessory found in various shapes, intricate designs and stones. Toe-rings were said to be worn in pairs, In many different Indian cultures, the husband puts the toe rings on his wife’s second toe of both feet, during the wedding ceremony. In western countries Toe-rings are worn as a fashion accessory.

Check out your nearest shops, streets or an accessory store and get a smart and pretty piece of toe-ring to complement your feet.



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