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Look stunning with a designer blouse

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Posted on July 26 2014

The tradition of Saree dates back to the Indus valley civilization. It’s the tradition outfit of Indian, worn by most Indian worn in all parts of the country. However, each state has a different version of the Saree. The fabric, style and design varies from state to state.


Today, we have different types of sarees for different occasions. With the trend of every season and the awareness of fashion in the country every woman tries to have the perfect saree for a preferred occasion. Cotton for summers, chiffons for office as they are easy to carry, and some heavy embroidered sarees for weddings. Along with the trend in sarees, the blouses have also been evolved.




Lately a lot of fashionistas have been seen wearing beautiful versions of sarees designed by well know Indian designers with quirky blouses. Blouses are no more just a piece of cloth to cover the upper portion of one’s body in sarees but a garment that can be experimented with in the best possible way. designers today give equal importance to blouses as to sarees.


Heavy embroidery and texture is added to the blouses. Unique cuts are used in stitching the blouses. Beautiful designs, intricate embroidered blouses have pulled the limelight towards themselves. And why not, if there is so much to offer in blouses that can enhance the look of a Saree, then we are all game to go for it. collored blouses, boat necks, net blouses and so much more, than why settle for just a simple and plain one. so the next time you are planning to don a Saree, make sure you have a stunning blouse, surf the net, flip through magazines and get the one that adds style and elegance to your blouse.



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