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Mekhela Chador: Saree from Assam

Written by Trends


Posted on July 11 2014

Sarees are worn in India from time immemorial. It’s an Indian traditional outfit worn and admired in India and many parts of the globe as well. However, the draping styles change from state to state. Like the Maharashtrains wear a navari, or a navi, which is a nine yard saree, the Gujarathis wear a Gujarati saree, the Bengalis have a different style of wearing it again. Along with so many versions of the same outfit, the north eastern, the Assamees have one more version of it, which is again quite interesting and unique, the Mekhela Chador. Unlike the one piece Saree that we wear or are familiar with, the Mekhela Chador is a 3 piece Saree.


Mekhela -The Mekhela, is draped from the waist downwards, like a skirt. Its is pleated and is tucked in the waist. The folds are to the right. An underskirt with a string is used to tie it around the waist.

Blouse - The breast is covered with a tight fitted blouse.

Chador -The Chador is a long length of cloth that has one end tucked in the Mekhela and the rest draped around the body, it is tucked in triangular folds. Earlier a garment called Riha used to be worn. The Mekhela Chador is worn by women of all age groups.

It’s a nice way to explore and get to know all forms of Sarees, the styles, the drape and the prints. The variations of Saree have always surprised us, from the traditions ones to the contemporary. If you wish to share the style of Saree draping from your state do mail us at and you be happy to post it in our blog.



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