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The Jewellery for your Nose

Written by Trends


Posted on July 10 2014

Nose-pins, nose-rings or Nathnis, have been a part of the Indian jewellery from time immortal. The different shapes and embellishments that are found in this jewellery are numerous. Not just in India but nose piercing is part of a lot of traditions globally. However, with the varieties found its of utmost importance to find the right piece of nose pin to suit you and the one that would go well with the occasion.

  • Nose Pin – Nose pins are easy to wear and go well with Indian as well as western outfits. These days you find a lot of funky and quirky nose pins and studs that could go well with your ensemble. The nose pin has a little ball at the end, which passes through the piercing and holds it. If you wish to go a little less on the nose with just a small hint of a stud, nose pin is the best option.









  • Nose Screws - If you are constantly worried of your nose pin falling off, or if you wish to wear an expensive stud than nose screws are the perfect one’s for you. The screw is at the end of the piercing and makes it very secure to wear it.
    • L-shaped - If you have just pierced your nose, it’s a painful task to keep on changing your nose jewelley every time. The L shaped nose pins are easy to get it, are less pain to wear and secure all at the same time.

             For brides, if you wish to dazzle with your nose pins, here are a few options.

    • Your wedding is the time when you don the best of everything. Attention is paid to every detail in costumes, jewellery, and make-up and so on. With all the chandelier earrings and neckpieces why should the nose be left behind. Try a large bridal nathni, with an intricate design, embellished with pearls, diamonds, kundans or semi-precious stones.

    • The Marathi Nath. This piece of nose rings is a big one with mostly pearls and stones on it. Today along with Indian brides, the west has also tried this on with western outfits. Try this quirky jewelley for a stunning look on your wedding day.



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    • Can u send some pic of nose pin and rind also nathni

      Posted by sujata | July 10, 2014
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