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Kanjieevaram Sarees

Written by Trends


Posted on June 21 2014

A kind of Saree that is known globally and is the desire of every Saree lover. Kanjieevaram is a name we have heard more than often. A gold thread is woven on fine silk to create this premium silk saree. Kanjivaram Saree is originated from Kanchipuram located in Tamil Nadu. It is also known as Kanchipuram Saree.

Over the past years, with the changing trends, Kanjeevaram has still stuck with the tradition form with weaving and style. It’s the most expensive silk saree in India. The silk used in Kanjeevaram saree is much thicker than any other.

The motifs on kanjeevaram are inspired by peacocks and parrots mostly. Other than those suns, moons, chariots, swans, lions are also woven. It has a wide contrast border. The unique feature of the Saree is the colour and design that is usually different at the border and the rest of the body. The pallu is defined by the zig zag line that is designed where it meets the body.

With the entire new beautiful designer Sarees that one may want or have this classic Sarees is always going to be the royal and elegant gift from India. At various occasions, Kanjeevaram Sarees are worn. So get that royality and richness to your wardrobe and by owning one yourself



  • I like kanjivarm saree most

    Posted by suvarna | July 03, 2014
  • I like kanjivaram saree most…

    Posted by Bhavika | June 23, 2014
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