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The Kutch Embroidery

Written by Trends


Posted on June 16 2014

Have you been fascinated with mirrors and tassels embroidery done on a piece of fabric? Isn’t the bright coloured, multi-coloured with intricate art truly captivating? That's the beauty of Kutch embroidery.

Kutch is one of the most prolific regions in India in the area of textile art. Kutch embroidery is dense with motifs and is one of the most beautiful forms of textile art. A variation with mirrors sewn into the embroidery is one of the signature arts of this region.

This embroidery flourished in the 19th and the 20th centuries. The thread and cloth used in the Kutch embroidery are cotton and silk. The use of tassels, beads, mirrors with bright colours makes it quite attractive. This art was performed by village women to decorate their home, clothes, make beautiful bags and for festivity. Not just in India but this embroidery is popular in various parts of the world. Foreigners who come to India for a visit are found of the Kutch embroidery and buy a few things made with it. Embroidery also communicates self and status. Differences in style create and maintain distinctions that identify community, sub-community, and social status within community. Tribes of Kutch posses a unique style of designing which identities one from the rest. Bags, clutches and dresses with this embroidery are seen a lot. So it’s time you get your hands on this much admired embroidery from the land of Kutch.



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    Posted by Ranjana | June 30, 2014
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