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Coming from the south, and popular from their unique zari work is the Venkatagiri Saree. Venkatagiri Saree is a handloom saree made in Venkatagiri, Andra Pradesh in India.

Venkatagiri Sari is known for their fine weaving. The looms used in Venkatagiri are mostly pit looms. Pit looms are looms which are fixed at the ground level and there is a pit in which the loom's pedal is placed. The weaver will sit on the floor and use her hands and legs to weave.

Venkatagiri saris have history dating back to early 1700. They were patronized by the Velugoty Dynasty of Nellore.

There are many varieties like Venkatagiri 100, Venkatagiri Putta, Venkatagiri Silk. Venkatagiri 100 is the lightest sari and is very popular. The weaving techniques are exclusive and unique. This Saree is known for “Jamdani” design, which is adopted from Bangladesh. The Saree is soft, comfortable and perfect for all seasons. The handloom in the venkatagiri saree is known for durability. With the growing demand for this saree, they are also being woven in dress material.

So the next time you go Saree shopping and wish to buy a Saree that’s fit for all seasons, than this one’s sure to be on the list.


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  1. A great collection as always

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