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Maheshwari Sarees

Written by Trends


Posted on June 10 2014


Maheshwari Sarees have been a favourite among women of all age groups. This sophisticated piece of fabric was weaved to depict royalty and elegance. The motifs are inspired by the local architecture. The unique feature of this Saree is its reversible border, which lets one wear it both ways. We know a lot about the Maheshwari Sarees, but little do we know of its origin.

Maheshwari derives its name from Maheshwar, is a city situated in Madhya Pradesh. The word Maheshwar in Hindi means Great God, an epithet of Lord Shiva. Its well know from its weaving of the Maheshwari fabric since the 5th century. Queen Ahilyabai got weavers from Surat and introduced the Maheshwari Sarees. The entire city of Maheshwar is involved in the weaving of this beautiful and admired Saree. With stripes at the pallu, is plain or have geometric motifs and is woven in silk and cotton. Light in weight, it has some amount of grace that has made it the favourite of every women. The weaving centre is located in one of Maheshwar's historic buildings. Rehwa Society also provides a free school for weavers' children and runs a low-cost health scheme. Kurtis and other clothing materials are also made with Maheshwari.



  • I am looking for traditional sarees in both light and dark colors. ..

    Posted by binita jha | May 11, 2015
  • Iam looking for traditional cum ethnic sarees with rare colour combination

    Posted by RadhaReddy | August 25, 2014
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