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Haath Phool, Hand Flower or Hand Chain

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Posted on June 09 2014


'Haath Phool', which is translated as ‘Hand flower’ in English is a century old bridal jewellery. It’s a combination of finger rings and the bracelet. It’s like two ornaments made into one.

The bracelet extends from the wrists to the fingers which has rings attached to them. For centuries, this ornament has been worn by people from all over the country and has been an important jewellery from the 9 piece wedding jewellery set.

With intricate designs combined with beautiful precious and semi-precious stones this piece of ornament is a hit in the international market as well. Haath phool were equally popular with the Nawabs and the Mugals as well. It has also been a mark of royalty and elegance. In quite a few Bollywood flicks, actresses who have played the character of a dancer in the kings court have been wearing it. Along with heavy worked piece with stones, kundans and pearls, simple and delicate ones are also available in the market. Even if you aren’t the bride, you can still wear this beautiful jewellery for an occasion combined with an ethnic outfit.

The ‘New’ or ‘Latest’ version of Haath phool is popularly known as a hand chain. A hand chain is a simple and plain form of Haath phool. Singers and celebrities from all over the globe have been spotted wearing this trendy and chic accessory and successfully teamed it up with their western look.

Make a statement with your style quotation and don the latest version of ‘Haath Phool’ or Hand Chain.




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