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All about Paithani

Written by Trends


Posted on May 23 2014

Maharashtra is well known for quite a lot of thing. And amongst all this comes the very famous Paithani Saree. It’s one of the richest and royal Sarees donned by a lot of Maharashtrain women at various occasions.


Paithani derives its name from Paithan, a town in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. Paithani is known for its fine silk and is characterized by borders of oblique square design and pallu with a peacock design. Paithani is considered to be one of the expensive variety of Sarees for its Gold and Silk weaving. The motifs on Paithani Sarees has been inspired by Buddhist paintings.


Originally the borders and the pallu of this Saree was woven with pure gold mixed with copper to give it strength. Both gold and copper were combined into a Zari (wire). However, lately the Zari is made up of silver and plated with gold.


Two types of border are the Narali and the Pankhi.


Even if a very good weaver has woven the main body, a master weaver is needed for the intricate inlay border paths. The borders and the pallu are woven in zari regardless of the colour of the sari. So if your are in Maharashtra, don't forget to check out a few Paithani Sarees.

Let us know more about any variety of Sarees that you know or is the pride of your state.




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