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The Rich and the Classy: Uppada Silk Sarees

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Posted on May 22 2014


It is one of the richest and admired facrics in silk Sarees. Uppada silk is produced in Uppada, Andhra Pradesh. For various Indian occasion like weddings, engagements or any such traditional occasion Uppada silk sarees are preferred by a lot of women. Silk has always been the favourite when it comes to Sarees. It reflects elegance and class and so right from our grandmothers, mothers to the woman of today, Uppada has always been admired. It’s well-known and attracts buyers for its traditional Zari and printed borders.

The introduction of Jamdani patterns in Uppada sarees gave birth to Uppada silk sarees.

Since Uppada is solely hand woven it takes a good amount of time to get one piece ready. Its demand has considerably risen and would continue to do so.

The beautiful texture, look and feel of the fabric has made it one of the most expensive kind of silk sarees in the world.

So, make a Royale presence at the coming wedding or any traditional event with a rich and fabulous Uppada Silk Saree.


Here are a few of our offering in Uppada Silk. Click on the picture to get more details of the product





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