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Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees: Sarees from the Silk City

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Posted on May 22 2014


 Bhagalpuri is a kind of silk produced in Bhagalpur in Bihar. Bhagalpur is well known as a silk city for its enormous silk production. It stands 2nd in the total silk production of the country. The silk produced here has surplus demands all over the world. Bhagalpur is also known as the silk city. To your surprise Bhagalpuri Silk is one of the few silks in which the silk worn isn’t killed. The process that is followed is Eco-friendly.

Fashion capitals of the world are admiring Bhagalpuri silk and it has been attracting a lot of buyers from around the world. The richness of this fabric has made it one of the most selling fabrics of today.

Along with the Sarees that are available in different kinds of silks, Bhagalpuri has proved to be the likes of a lot of women in India.

We all like to have a collection of sarees in our wardrobe. You fill most of your closet with the your favourite Fabrics, or colours in sarees that you like. However, if your wardrobe doesn’t have Bhagalpuri, you are surely missing on something.


Check out a few Bhagalpuri Sarees that we have, just click on the link below.

Bhagalpuri Sarees



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