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Monsoon-Time for Sarees

Written by Trends


Posted on May 21 2014

It’s not like any other day at work in monsoon. You never know when it might rain cats and dogs. With the puddle, catching train or running for your bus, your Saree is sure to get messy. And then no matter how late you reach to work you have to first rush to the bathroom to clean all the mud from your saree. And we all know how long it takes to dry. Shivering in that wet saree, in an air-conditioned office isn’t comfortable. And with all this mess how would you concentrate on work.

So ladies, all of you who love to or have to wear saree at work in monsoon, do a quick check to avoid this mess as much as possible. We can’t stop the rains or avoid them, but we gotta take precautions, after all we love our sarees, don’t we?


  • Opt for fabrics that are light in weight and easy to dry. Fabrics like cotton, mul, georgettes, and chiffons. Sarees with these fabrics would be ideal for monsoon.
  • Avoid Sarees that are new and run the risk of colour bleeding.


  • How much ever you try, but if you are someone who uses public transport to travel, you can’t really escape the puddles. So make sure that you try and wear Sarees with darker shades so that they don’t look very dirty on getting splashed with mud water.


  • After travelling in the rain and then reaching office, it’s quite obvious to find yourself shivering in the air conditioner, so do carry a warm stole with you, which you can wear at work so that you aren’t uncomfortable while you work.


  • Wear accessories that don’t have the risk of tarnishing in water.


  • The best you can try this monsoons is a nice floral clip or a rubber band on your hair. Tied wet hair causes lot of hair problems. Its time you flaunt those tresses, so if your hair is all wet, just clip it up with a floral pin or a rubber band.


  • Keep your makeup to the minimal and go for water proof makeups.



No matter what season it is, being up with fashion and yet being comfortable isn’t a task. Look good in all seasons just pick the right things and make a statement.





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