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Games to Play at Kitty Parties

Written by Trends


Posted on May 14 2014

With the enormous contribution that we have received for the "Games to be played at Kitty parties", we thank all of you for sharing your exciting and unique ideas. We look forward to more and more participation in our contest from you. for those who haven't participated, read on for organizing a happening Kitty Party ever.


Pinky Baipai


Things Required Empty rectangle cardboard boxes (one box per guest) 8-10 small plastic balls per box Ribbon/cotton lace Music How to Play Tie the ribbon/cotton lace at both sides of the box. Now tie the box around the player’s waist with the help of the lace/ribbon so that box is just below the belly. Fill balls in the box. Let the music start and the players have to dance and shake their bellies in such a way that all the balls fall out of the box. The players cannot touch the box with their hands. Winner Players who gets all the balls out of the box at the earliest wins.


Hema Shirke


Know the picture - everyone has a piece of paper and they write a sentence on the top. Then you pass it to the next person and they have to draw a picture that represents the sentence. They then fold the paper so that you can only see the picture, then pass it to the next person who has to guess the sentence from the picture. After there are a few iterations of the sentences/drawings, it usually turns out really funny. It's best to end with a sentence so that you can compare the beginning and ending sentences. It's basically a cross between Telephone and Pictionary


Vidhya Ramesh


*VATI-CHAMCHA GAME-Take a bowl full of rajma or kabuli chana, give a spoon to the participant to hold in the mouth with hands tied back , then the participant has to pick up one rajma or chana in the spoon n transfer it into another bowl in 1min time. The lady with maximum beans is the winner

*MEMORY GAME-keep around 20 -25 household articles on the table covered with bed sheet then call all ladies near the table n show the articles for 1\2min n again cover it with bed sheet then in given 1min allow them to memorise the articles n jot it down on the given paper. The lady with maximum number of article on the table is the winner.

*SAREE TYING GAME- keep 9-10 sarees on the table ask one lady at a time to come in the centre n tie as many sarees she can tie one by one in given 1min . The lady with many number of sarees in 1min will be the winner.


Hema Shirke


Intro game - give piece of paper and pencil to all members. Without talking to each other every one will write all family members name of her friend sitting on the kitty party table. The one who writes maximum family member’s name, she will be the winner. By this game, we can get to know how my friend knows my family well.


Hema Shirke


Make bean bags- Take half kg wheat in one big bowl and take 10 socks (without holes). Give one minute’s time to each participant. Participant should try to fill the socks half or 3/4 with wheat and knot the sock, so that it will look like bean bag. If any participant can complete to all 10 socks, then she is the winner.


Vidhya Ramesh


Material required are bangles n safety pins. The participant has to join 2 bangles with the help of a safety pin n make a garland of bangles in 1min the participant with more number of bangles is the winner.


Hema Shirke


Unlock hankies - you can keep 10-15 handkerchiefs duly knotted on the table. give 3 -4 minutes time to each participant to remove knot and make it plain on the table, whoever do all or maximum, will be the winner.


Navatha Vanka


  1. I have a few game ideas....... game is very simple: Ask the participants to list down the items of a particular colour used in kitchen. Whoever lists the maximum number of items is the winner. Ex: We can ask to list down the items in white or shades of white used in kitchen in 1 minute. ****************************************************************************** 2nd Game: Folding Game: MATERIALS REQUIRED: 1. One 5 meter (approx) cloth (Sari) for each player 2. NEWS papers RULES: 1. If any player clothes or the sari, he is folding touches the ground then he is out. 2. You are allowed to keep the sari on your body 3. Sari should be folded properly 4. One Judge is required to decide the properly folded sari. 5. Judge has authority to reject the quality of clothes folding HOW TO PLAY :- 1. Place the newspaper on the ground and then put unfolded sari on it. 2. Ask the players to stand on the newspaper on the side of sari 3. Signal to start the game 4. Each player will be folding the clothes standing on the newspaper and follow the rules 5. After the player folded the sari ask him to keep on the newspaper and record his timing 6. After every player completed the game ask judge to decide if any folding to be rejected. 7. Among the accepted folding, the player with min. time is the WINNER. ****************************************************************************** 3rd Game: Play Marbles MATERIALS REQUIRED: 1. 20-30 glass marbles 2. A big size handkerchief 3. Lots of Rubber band RULES: 1. One handkerchief and 20 marbles will be given to one player 2. No restriction on no of rubber band distributed 3. Each marble is to be tied separately to the given handkerchief using the rubber band 4. 1 to 3 minutes will be given to the player. HOW TO PLAY :- 1. Distribute the marbles, handkerchief and rubber band as stated above 2. Each player is required to put one marble in handkerchief and secure it with rubber band 3. He can put the marble anywhere on the handkerchief. Since only one handkerchief is given therefore players are required to place the marble in such a way that max no of them can be accommodated. 4. Start the game 5. Players will be putting the marbles 6. At the end of 1 minute the game is stopped 7. After the game marbles properly secured with rubber band is the score 8. Open all the rubber bands and repeat for next player 9. The player with max nos. of marbles is 'Play Marbles WINNER ****************************************************************************** 4th Game: T Shirt Dress Games MATERIALS REQUIRED: T shirts (approx. 20 nos of free size if possible) RULES: 1. Game must start when the whistle rang. 2. All the T Shirt must be reversed before the game starts 3. Player can take only one shirt at a time. HOW TO PLAY:- 1. All the T shirts should be placed in a pile in reversed condition 2. Blow the whistle to start the game. 3. Player will take one T shirt and change it into proper manner 4. Player will wear that T shirt and then take the next one. 5. Continue it for one minute. 6. Player who wore max. Number of T shirts correctly is the T Shirt Dress Game WINNER.


Iqra Danish


Game name is one word two meanings Things Required Take print out of below questions as per the number of players Pen/pencil for the participants. 1) An animal/computer device 2) A side of a river/a place for money 3) A flying mammal/used for playing 4) A round playing object/a dance 5) A place where group of people meet/suits in pack of playing cards 6) A body part/measuring device 7) Something shining/something not heavy 8) A piece of paper money/something written in few words 9) An employee/walking stick 10) A suitcase/a part of tree 11) A body part/a boss 12) A fruit flavoured drink/to hit with fist 13) Time of year/add flavour to food 14) An area with no sun/colour 15) To jump/to miss something 16) A water valve/a light knock 17) A highest point/a spinning toy 18) A journey/ miss a step 19) A flesh inside the mouth/used to stick things 20) A point/payment for services How To Play Give one printout & pen/pencil to each player. Players have to write one answer for these two questions. Time limit is one minute. Correct answers are 1) Mouse 2)Bank 3)Bat 4)Ball 5)Club 6)Foot 7)Light8)Note 9)Staff 10)Trunk 11)Head 12)Punch13)Season14)Shade15)Skip16)Tap17)Top18)Trip19)Gum20)Tip Winner The participants who write the maximum correct answers wins!!


Usha Rani


Game name dumb-shell arts 2 teams 1 person from a team will come and other team will give him/her a movie name/artist name so that they have to enact the same and the opposite team have to guess the same This results many things, understanding, mutual co-operation and fun too Rules - the person who is enacting should not open his/her mouth, no words, only acting, if anything wrong happens that treats as dis-qualified, and no points for the team There should be a time limit for enacting and guessing like 1 min or 1.5 min This really a fun game, we will definitely enjoy whole-heartedly


Pallavi Tiwari ·


  1. Things Required -- Four boxes with locks and keys A bucket filled with ice cubes. How To Play -- Keep four boxes with locks on a table. Put all the four keys in the bucket filled with ice cubes. As the time starts, the players has to take one key from the bucket and open one of the locks. Time limit is one minute. Winner-- The players who is able to open maximum locks in minimum time is the winner. 2...Slide the biscuit game:- Things Required-- Biscuits How to Play--- Divide the players into teams. Give one biscuit to everyone. As the time starts, everybody has to put the biscuit on their forehead. The challenge is to move the biscuit down the face and put it into the mouth, without touching with hands. If it falls, player is considered OUT of the game. Winner ---- The team whose maximum players finishes at the earliest wins. You can use cucumber slices as well instead of biscuits.


Pallavi Tiwari


  1. Things Required -- Four boxes with locks and keys A bucket filled with ice cubes. How To Play -- Keep four boxes with locks on a table. Put all the four keys in the bucket filled with ice cubes. As the time starts, the players has to take one key from the bucket and open one of the locks. Time limit is one minute. Winner-- The players who is able to open maximum locks in minimum time is the winner. 2...Slide the biscuit game:- Things Required-- Biscuits How to Play--- Divide the players into teams. Give one biscuit to everyone. As the time starts, everybody has to put the biscuit on their forehead. The challenge is to move the biscuit down the face and put it into the mouth, without touching with hands. If it falls, player is considered OUT of the game. Winner ---- The team whose maximum players finishes at the earliest wins. You can use cucumber slices as well instead of biscuits.


Ruchi Mitra


This Game is called Symbolic Songs For this you need to draw some symbols which resemble the lyrics of the song for eg the song is “MERA JOOTA HAI JAPANI ,YE PATLOON HINDUSTANI SIR PE LAAL TOPI ROOSI ,FIR BHI DIL HAI HINDUSTANI". For this particular song u have to make a shoe ,then trouser , then a hat , then Heart , and then the national Flag . So the participants can guess the song .The symbols are to be made in the same sequence as in the song. THINGS REQUIRED 1. Quiz sheet where you have selected 10 songs of your choice and drawn their symbols . The same sheet is to be photocopied and distributed to all the participants at the same time . 2. Provide pens to write on. RULES 1. A set time of 1 -2 mins is given the game starts at the same time for the participants the time is maintained by a stop watch. 2. After the game is over you collect back the sheets and evaluate on the correct answers. The max correct is the winner. Blank is considered as wrong 3. No participants are allowed to talk during the game.


Suparna Mitra


Make a small10 to 15 paper chit and write the name of a spouse of a famous celebrity couple from every field like cinema,politics,sports or even the name of God. Then ask one lady to come pick 5 chit from the lot. Open onebyone give the answer of the name of opposite spouse like if sachin tendulkar name is there in the chit then lady should tell the name of anjali tendulkar or viseversa.1 point for every correct answer 0.5 deduct for wrong answer this game should be played one by one in private room or corner not before everybody.


Roopa Kishen


Name of the game is 'FLY AWAY' Draw a big circle. Divide into 4 parts. Name each part with popular cities or countries ex. Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi. The same names should be written on chits. Ask the gathering to run around the circle to a music. So the music. The players have to occupy which ever city. In one part almost 8-10 people can stand or it is left to them. Ask anyone who is a non-participant to pick up the chit. The chit which is picked should be announced and people who are standing in that particular city have to fly away in other words they are out of the game. This goes on till one person is left. That person is the winner. Rule of the game: players should be running outside the circle.

Veena Methakar

Blowing Beans Game Things required to play: A table, a chalk and few pieces of kidney beans (rajmah) How to play: 1. The host should first divide the table by drawing a line with chalk piece. 2. Put about 50 pieces of kidney beans on one side of the table. 3. Ask each member/team to blow the beans to the other side of the line within 30 seconds. Who wins: Person who blows maximum no. of beans across the line wins. Rules: No use of hands. Hands can be tied at backside.


Aarti Gupta


Aarti gupta Guess the product or company of the ad slogan. How to play? Write lines or slogans in the tv ads on a paper. At least 15 to 20 ads. Ask the ladies to take a pen and paper and write the name of the product, item or company related to the slogan after you read the slogan. Give 10 seconds for each slogan. The lady with the maximum correct answers gets the prize.


Shashi Shankar


Keep all types of edible-non edible white flours/powders from your kitchen/dressing table in small measuring cups(medicine) and ask the members to identify and write it on a paper.who identifies maximum is the winner


Lakshmi Addepalli


Fill the water in a bucket and place one small bowl in centre of bucket the games is you have to put the coin in bowl. Note: the person should stand straightly and put the coin in that bowl in a span of one minute.


Pour limbu shikanji or any drink in a glass,hold a straw in mouth,and take sip. Don’t swallow, hold the drink in the straw, Transfer it in another empty glass, fill the empty glass like watch how faster who have done it....


Rashmita Nayak ·


Take a half bucket of water, and put a bangle on it, take few coins and from a distance throw the coin inside the bangle, if the coins falls inside the bangle then its BINGO!!1


Shalini Anand Kathuria


Take sum CHANE in a bowl and one straw. Give straw to each member and they have to suck the Chana one by one with the help of straw n leave it to the bowl. She will be the winner who will be able to pick the CHANE most.


Rajani Dixit

Ballon bachao Sabhi ladies apne ek leg me ballon fulla ke bandho .sabhi log ek saat khade ho sabko ek circle me khade hona hai.phir start bolna hai start bolte hi sabko apna ballon bachate hue doosre ka phodna hoga no last tak apne balloon ko bacha lega vahi winner hoga

Baljeet Arora


HELLO, One more interesting game for kitty parties is ‘TOL MOL KE BOL’.Lot of things can be brought from the market, like a pkt of maggi, kisaan tomato sauce, Cadbury’s choclate, haldiram mixture, bikano rasgullas, something different like, half a kg of surf excel, Dettol liquid hand wash, toilet soap, lakme nailpolish etc. Now one by one ask the price of the items and the lady telling the exact price or nearest to the price gets the item. I am sure the ladies will love this game as a number of ladies get the price.

Baljeet Arora




This is rather an interesting game where you have to ASSESS YOUR PARTNER. A sheet is provided to you and your friend on which you write name and exchange with your partner and thereafter follow all that I say show it to your partner and let her give you marks while you do the same for her. The sheet is as following:-

Ladies please listen carefully and score marks. Have fun and enjoy.

  1. 2. Dangling Ear Rings (5) 3. Red / yellow dress (5) 4. Black / white dress (-3) 5. Nose Pin (5) 6. Toe Ring (5) 7. Matching Nail Paint (5) / (-3) 8. Flower on Hair (10) 9. Peaking Toes (5) 10. Bangles / Karas / Bracelet (2) 11. Lipstick (5) 12. Pearls (5) 13. Sexy Midreef (5) 14. Buttons on Dress (-2) 15. Golden Watch (5) 16. You are Bold and Beautiful (10) 17. Kissed Husband (10/-5)

Now before we begin the game I will give an example, give a 10 to your partner if her hair is tied or take away 5 if not tied. Now the game begins. Since you all are fashionable girls we are expected to be in a saree or suit. Grant your partner a perfect 10 if she has matched up to expectation. Long dangling ear rings greatly compliment her give her 5 if she has them on. Add another 5 if she is dressed in red or yellow and take away 3 if she is dressed in black or white. Add another 5 for that pin on her nose and 5 for wearing rings on toes. Give your partner 5 for the nail paint that matches the dress or take away 3 if it doesn’t. Mark 10 for one or more flower on her hair and award another 5 if toes peak out. And before anyone thinks that she is going to win count the bangles of your partner for each of them she gets 2. All the gorgeous girls earn 5 for lipstick in there purse. Grant another 5 for the pearls that she is wearing. She deserves 10 if her sexy midriff is peaking out and loses 2 for every button seen on her dress. She earns another 5 for wearing a golden watch. Mark 10 if your partner stands up and says ‘I am bold and beautiful’ as it must be true. Now be honest and don’t be shy if she has kissed her husband today then grant her a perfect 10 if not take away 5 for that is just fine. This brings us to end of game so count the score. The person with highest score wins. -———————————————————————————————————————————————————-


Guess the Bollywood Stars

First let me give you an example.

He is the richest of all —→ Amir Khan (Rich is known as Amir in Hindi therefore Amir Khan)

She goes straight like a line -→ Rekha (Straight like a line is known as Rekha in Hindi therefore Rekha)

Now we start the game.

  1. → Raj Kumar 2. She is fragrant like a flower —> Juhi Chawala, Khusboo 3. He is the most saintly of all -—> Rishi Kapoor 4. She is sweetest of all -—> Madhu Bala 5. He is winner all the way -—> Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt 6. He is the supreme god -—> Dharmendra 7. She is the intelligent one -→ Manisha Koirala 8. She is so shy and modest -→ Sharmila Tagore 9. He is excellent —> Anupam Kher 10. He is so powerful person—→ Shakti Kapoor 11. She is so musical -→ Nagma, Sangeeta Bijlani 12. He is one of the naughtiest gods -—→ Govinda, Krishan Kumar 13. She is pious -→ Pooja Bhatt, Pooja Bedi 14. He is matchless -→ Amitabh Bachan 15. She has eyes of fish——→ Meenakshi 16. He is the brightest one -→ Sunny Deol 17. She is a rich goddess —> Sridevi 18. Enemies cannot stand before him -→ Shatrughan Sinha

Take a paper n write an animal/birds ’s name for e.g. lion, cow, crow, cat ,dog cuckoo etc then ask the group to stand in circle n pass the chit written the animals name ask them to open the chit n only by making the sound of the animal in chit to form the group the group who forms 1st is the winner its a fun group game as u can hear all the animals sound n nobody is supposed to talk only make the sound of the particular animal which is written in the chit for e.g if its cat the person has to only do meow meow n search the group partners the group which search their partners first r the winners……..


Queen of Hearts Things required for game Cut-outs of Heart shapes from red chart paper. 6 per guest. How to play the game: The host will announce the name of a thing eg Red Lipstick and the guest with one will be given one heart. In this manner 5 more items will be announced like yellow comb, green hairband, telephone diary, safety pin. For each item one red heart will be given. Lady with the maximum number of hearts is the winner — Queen of Hearts. Rule of the game: No participant will exchange items among themselves. Thank you

Rashmi sidsharth

hi… game name……Lets have chit- chat.

the host will give a word and those who r playing have to make a proper sentence with the given letter. For ex…the word is M so the sentence could be…..Maine khana kha liya…so the next word would be A .the lady sitting next would start the sentence with A ..ex..aaj Bahut hi accha din raha mera. game will go on like this….whoever would not make a sentence will be out..the lady who will make it till the last will be the winner. RULES….sentence should be spontaneous next person won’t get more than 3 seconds to start if she can’t she can’t will be out of the game…. simple but very Gud game….have fun kotty parties rocks…:-):-)

Rashmi sidsharth

hi… game name……Lets hv chit- chat.

the host will give a word and those who r playinghave to make a proper sentence with the given letter

Rajshree pathak

My favourite game is Give the ladies a piece of paper on which give them clue of the most popular area of the city and ask them to identified the places in just 1 min.7


Anthaksari or gk can be played by group of ur costumers so let them all participate fix some 5-6 question givethem a fixed time to answer online or offline

Shobhana Pillai

Hi we can play a game like Make a circle of all unknown people and each one would tell their name and profession. Later ask each other what the other person had told about themselves. We should not reveal that what question would be asked otherwise all would be more attentive.

The second game we can play is Make a circle ask everybody to name 1 Bollywood movie….once they name it ask each individual to add "Kakaji ke Dhoti mai ….and then add the Bollywood movie name which they had said…it’s fun loving

Swarnaprabha Kar

Name of the game:- Bidding Requisites:-A 100 rupees note, bidders and an anchor How to play:-Bidders means who wants to take part in bidding of 100/ have to pay a minimum registration fee of 5/-. The highest Bidder will get that 100/-. The bid can go as high as 90/-. So if the highest bid go up to 90/-plus his fee for registration 5/-, still he is benefited by 5/-.

Kirti Namburi

Things Required •Lots of colorful bangles •Safety pins

How to Play •Keep bangles and safety pins in a single bowl. •Now each participant needs to put 2 bangles in a safety pin and make a chain. •Time limit is one minute.


Whoever makes longest chain in one minute will be the winner.


How to play – sit 10 ladies in a circle and give 10 Garlic each to remove its skin by using their own finger/nail & should not use knife/anything. Time limit is 5 minutes. Maximum full garlic those who are removing the skin will be the winner. Half garlic will not be counted. This is one exercise for the ladies and they can remember this game every day whenever they are at the kitchen during the preparation of curry

Ritu Sourabh

The name of my game is" Peeling the potatoes “in this game as many ladies can play what they have to do they have to peel the potato with the help of knife n not peeler the longest and thinnest peel wins there should be no breakage of peel and it should come out in a single piece hence the longer and thinnest peel wins this game is real fun.

Aruna Gupta

I’m big fan of kitty parties. I organise kitties with great fanfare nd fun.We have members of all age groups .The game i had game of fun,frolic and luckin rhe end.i make slips as many as the kitty members nd write on them different things to be done by each member and music is on and the chits have to be rotated. When music stops who picks up the chit opens it and enact ad has been written there. Like this all d members do and in the last we put all d chits in a bowl and take a draw nd the chit and read it.The member who played that chit activity wins There is big fanfare as well as in d end totally pot luck Ha ha Winner can be one or two.


Abhineha shrivastava

It’s a memory game. We need paper n pen.. The host will keep different household things in a room. These can be pulses, vegetables, magazines, dry snacks, scarves, toiletries, cosmetics, kitchen item. Any random thing that comes in the mind. the room is called Dark Room as the lights will lit only for 1 min in that room. All the ladies are given paper n pen n allowed to be in the room for one groups or all at a time. After 1 min they will come out n mention all those items they saw in dark room. The one who wrote max items will b d winner.


Things required: nil The game which I arrange is called chatpati talk! In the party who ever are the senior members will pick a current topic and the members names in the order of alphabets will start to talk about it. The rules of the game is maximum time 2 minutes, no one should repeat the same points as the previous speaker and lastly the topic subject must be spoken for and against alternately. In the end the same senior members will select the winner whose extempore speech is good with the relevant points and best speaking skills!

Mukta gupta

Machis ki dher saari teeliya le lefir kity members ko 1 by 1 khilayein 8 teeli se 1 swastik banana hai .1 minute me jo adhik swastik banayega wohi winner

Kavita Jhurani

The name of the game is IDENTIFY THE POWDERS……All u have to do is take 7 types of white powders like salt, Maida, ground sugar, Atta, corn flour, rice flour and baking soda , used in ur kitchen and put them in 7 small bowls separately. Now ask each member to identify each powder .They can touch it but can’t taste. Give them 2 minutes. Whoever identifies all the powders will be the winner.


Suman Saini

Game name is matchstick and candle game!. We wil place 10 candles on a table .and each participant one by one will light d candles with one match stick only in 30 seconds. Those who will light all d candles in this time will b the winner :-) easy and funny game

Alka Vajpayee

Tambola being the most common, we can play Musical Tambola. Chits with 9 song titles written on them will be given to each member. Chits of these song titles will be put in a pitcher. Then it will be actually sung by the group and the ladies who have that song in their chit can cut. Similar rules like line, star, House, Bamboo etc can be given. It’s interesting & enjoyable as Music makes the occasions even more vibrant…



How to play the game

Let everybody sit in a circle. Give paper and pen to each player. Anybody can start by giving one word like ‘Wonderful’ The game is that everybody has to write as many words they can think of with each alphabet At the time starts, the player has to write the words starting with ‘W’. The time limit is 30 seconds for each alphabet. As the time is over, players have to compare their lists. Award points only to those words which are not repeated. Resume the game with the second alphabet i.e. ‘O’ and continue till all alphabets have been played. If any of the alphabet is repeated, skip the same and move on to the next. When all the alphabets are done, total the points and declare the winner. You can start the game again with a new word. You can choose a long word if you want to play for longer time for ex:encyclopedia, broadcosting,community,Organizational ext.


Rashmi Sirse

 As ladies arranging the party and the ladies enjoying the kitty parties enjoys small games with less efforts. I will prefer 1 minute games. Eg:1> hopping vegetables- Everyone can be given a basket of vegetables and those who chop the maximum within a minute win!!!!! 2> Peeling maximum number of oranges in one minute 3> Writing a love letter – stationery and colour pen etc. can be given and assign one judge to decide the best letter.

Rashmi Siddarth

hi, i hv been part of many kitty party and also organised……there r so many games.. Take 4 cards. 1 each fromspade, diamond, heart & club. Then draw the each shapes on 4 different paper and paste them in four. Corners of the room. Then play the music when music stops everybody have to choose. a corner of their wush and stand there.then host will pick one card frm the 4 cards.suppose if she picks out heart then every one who are standing in the corner where heart sign is they all will be out…they play this until they find the winner…. plz note all ladies cant be in the Same corner at Same time… hv fun this game is really very interesting.

Neelam Trivedi

Hi name is Pic Polo 2 polo (mint polo) 2 toothpicks Make maximum no with the help of 2 polo and 2 toothpicks example 100,1001,1100,1010 ,700,7,1,10 etc . Host will take member one by one in a screat place then play n note down on the paper maximum will win….hope u all like it


Take popcorns, needle and thread and ask the ladies to do a mala. One who does the longest mala is d winner. Another game form a circle backing each other so u dont see each other and pass a teddy bear. Start the musi wen the music stops who has the teddy bear will make a wish.e.g those who are wearing bangles are out. But she should see that she doesnt possess the things she wishes orvelse she too wil b out along with others. Then the game continues till one remains.

Rakhi Sengupta

My game idea is very simple…i will tell everyone to give miss calls to their spouses.whoes spouse call back earlier will be winner…

Sunali Singh

Things Required: A bowl full of pebbles/buttons/marbles

How To Play: Divide all the players into pairs. Place a bowl full of pebbles/buttons/marbles. The game is one player has to pick the marbles in her hand with a closed fist. The other player has to guess that the amount of item is an odd or an even number. If the player answer is correct, she is eligible for the second round otherwise that pair is considered out. Keep playing the rounds, until one pair is left. Winner

The pair who plays till the last round is the winner.

Virmita Malhotra

Safety Pins & Rice Things Required • A bowl filled with rice • 25-30 small safety pins How to Play • Mix safety pins with rice in a bowl. • Blindfold the player and tell him/her to pull out as many safety pins as possible from the bowl and keep them in the plate without spilling the rice. • Repeat this until everyone had a turn. • Deduct the number of rice in the plate from the number of safety pins. • Time limit is one minute. Winner The players who has pulled out the maximum safety pins and minimum rice wins

Neelam Jindal

Ek bowl mai safty pins or ek bowl mai simple rubber bands dal kar rakh lain or apni sabhi kitty members ko bolen ki in pins or rubbers se ek mala banaen ,ek pin or do rubber bands k karmaanusar ek lambi mala banaen or time ek minute ka rakhen ,jiski mala sabse lambi hogi vahi winner hai.


This game name the bangel stand. In this game every member of kitty has provided with a pencil n lots of bangels. In this game the participant has cathch the pencil in between the finger of a hand n fill that pencil with bangels. The bangels are taken by mouth. The time limit is 1min who put the more bangels in the pencil are the winner.


Some bangles n safety pins. In a Minutes time arrange one By one each bangle with a safety pin forming a chain. The one who makes the longest is the winner.Its like one bangle then pin, then bangle.


Paper and pen. Number the english alphabets. Then write the names of the movies with the numbers. Ask the ladies to identify the names of the movies. Eg: A – 1, B -2, C – 3 etc. (16, 1, 1 will be PAA)


It’s a fun game, named as ‘identify the person’, v take the photos of the ladies in the previous party and in the present kitty party v show just some parts , that is, either their saree, or may be their sandal or it can be bangles or may be necklace or earring. And they have to find out who the person is. It’s very interesting game.

Kavita Jhurani

The Name Of The Game Is HOW MUCH PROMPT IS YOUR HUSBAND…….Since all the party members have a cell phone, so tell all the members to give a missed call to their husbands. Whoever’s husband will call back first, will be the winner. Definitely this game makes everyone laugh.


This game is almost very similar to Pictionary but the words to be guessed are always the names of the kitty party members or their family members. Once a lady picks up a chit with a name in it, she has to draw clues on the whiteboard and the rest of the team should try guessing who it is. She can only draw but not write any alphabets to indicate names. Each player gets a turn to play and whoever guesses the highest Names, gets a small gift brought by the money pooled in by all the members in the party.

Deepshikha Sinha

Mix green grams, any daal and ground nuts in a big bowl. Then ask the ladies ,one by one, to separate out the ground nuts with their eyes closed…set one min time lime. Lady getting most groundnuts in one min will be the winner.

Prasheela Divakar

We have kitty parties in our society once in a month. We play many games and winners will get a gift from host. And lunch also there. I hosted a party .in that I told them to prepare a dish it may a sweet or nam keen. But only ingredients in that one should be a veg or fruit. This game come out fantastic .all members made different items.2nd taste the dish and identify the ingredients. And best dressed lady in saree in a ramp.

It’s a game of safety lady will have to make a longest chain of pin started from their bangle time for one is only 20 sec who will make the longest chain she will be the winner and one can use only single hand for it

Namrata Mohta

Well this is the game which I am planning for my next Kitty.

It is basically housie which has been modified and I have named it musical housie. For this we need to select few songs which may be chosen according to the theme and the selected words from the songs would be listed on the chits instead of the numbers. As the songs are played the players need to strike out the words which are there in the songs played. We can have winners for the one who strikes out all the words in the rows individually, for the lines and full housie . No of winners may be decided as per our choice. Besides there can be a surprise gift for a surprise word which need not be disclosed.

Believe me, people are really going to enjoy this game.

It’s a game of luck. We need 2 packs of cards. Reshuffle it if you want. On a century paper write the names of months in a haphazard manner. Put down the cards 1 by 1 on the table on the century paper. For example, 8 no. Card will be placed on August (8th month) . Keep on watching. The game will be continued till the card of King comes. As there is no 13 th month. The game is over. Count the cards. Compare with others. Person with maximum number of cards is winner.



This is an interesting game that can be played at a Kitty Party:

What the game is – It is called Ice Ice Everywhere.

How to play it – Need 2 similar trays of fully formed ice cubes divide entire group in 2 teams Each team gets one tray of ice cubes The objective is to melt all the ice cubes as quickly as possible. On ‘Go’, the first player of each picks up an ice cube and tries to melt it as quickly as they can. No one is allowed keep a cube for more than a few seconds, so make sure the cubes are being passed between players.First team to melt the tray of cubes wins.

Rules of the game: The team member can’t put ice cube in their mouths, stamp on it or use any equipment on it (e.g. a lighter). They can rub it between their hands or their clothes


Ira Sahay

My favourite game is memory game. I allow ladies to choose any name either person place or things. The game is like this for example —if first lady said. A then second lady will say AB then third lady will say ABC like this game will go on. Ifanyone forgets the serial of name .she will out first. And the lady who stays till last will be the winner.:)

Manjiri Dewannavar

 I work as a event manager, so i have to think of new theme parties n games every now n then,, here is a wonderful game: we usually add English words in our day to day life ,we can ask the participants to pen down the names in their mother tongue.For eg:Mobile is Bhramandhwani,Railway is Aag gadi n so on

Priti Gade

Take 3bowels.One bowl fill with black paper, one with cinnamon with small piece &one with cloves.Bengals in a plate. The game is making face by using them.time limit is 1or2 mnts. First take bangal put black paper balls use as eye than clove for nose&cinnamon for lips. The one who make maximum faces in a time limit is a winner. Rules is use each things one by one.


HI yellow Fashions Team good saree.We have kitty parties at our place nd d most common game is Tambola.One other game is keep 15to 20items like hair pin needle scissors etc. show these items to all the members and then cover all these things .Give papers to everyone and in one minute time they have to write all the shown things.The winner shall be who has written maximum right things shown. .

Meena Dawale

As I planned a kitty party the interesting game is as follows:—-

Take 10 sarees having blouse piece included. Remove (separate) the blouse pieces from sarees. Now mix the 10 blouse pieces with 10 sarees. Arrange 10 blouse + 10sarees on table. Now the game starts; the rules are as follows:—— Match the perfect blouse piece with its original saree. The lady who can perfectly match all the 10 pieces with the sarees within a short period time is the winner of the game & she can choose her favourite saree out of 10 sarees as a gift.{ Result is declared after verification from original photo copies of sarees with blouse }

Ramya Natarajan

The game name nose pinching game There r two teams to play a game and in that teams they had a captain and the team got a pet name for ex – birds team means in that team players r all called by a birds name like parrot peacock like that and opponent team also had some other name the name should be secret and the captain goes to opponent team player chose any one and close her eyes and her team players name like parrot r some other and that player come an pinch in her nose and go silent ly to her place and all r laugh now the player wants to catch her correct pincher

Ramya Natarajan


Game name is London how to play a game is one was a catcher and other kids are stand behind the catcher Once a catcher tells a London spelling and all the kids r run it and they r stand like a stachu and the catcher will try to smile a kids if any kids smile they r a catcher (which kids first smile r shake a body They r the catcher)

Manisha Somani

Sit making a circle of ladies now distribute two chocolates to each lady. Give a dice now ask a lady to roll the dice if she gets any numbers from 1-5 say 3 for example then the lady sitting third from her left should be asked to eat one of her chocolate but if the dice rolls and 6 comes then the player herself will eat one of her chocolate. Now next lady gets the turn to roll the dice this goes on …..and those who don’t have any chocolate left are out of the game . Winner is the one whose chocolate lasts till end


Well I always host kitty party with themes be it childhood theme,Maharashtrain theme,Hawaiian theme and according to the theme I decide the game food and decor and lil gifts Ill share my Hawaiian themed party In my kitty major ladies wear Saree so I asked them to wear floral printed Sarees or dresses For drinks I gave coconut water straight from the coconut and food I made fruit chaat mango custard and avocado idli I even gave flower to each to put up on their ear

Game was as follows Randomly I gave each people a chit with a number on it I called out two numbers and they were made partners Each partner had to dress up each other with things I had put up A grass skirt(a ribbon stapled up with bday ribbons) flower garland sunglasses and a hat and hula hoop D couple who took the least time was the winner I dint gave hula hoop games coz I have aged ladies in my kitty

Sunita Dhiman

It’s a game of intelligence. Give a plain paper & pen to all the kitty members .Then ask them to write the names of all the kitty members within 1 minute if there are around 12 members & increase the time if there are more members. The winner is the one who pens down maximum correct names. Ifit’s a tie then give 1 minute more to the tie winners to write the surnames in front of the names already written on their previous paper. Here who writes maximum surnames of their kitty mates is the winner

Ranu Jain


Things Required Take plane paper as per the number of participants Pen/pencil for the participants. And give one minute to play and say participants to write the name of bathing soap ़़़who write the maximum name of the soap in one minute is the winner


Teju Divakar


Advertisements and their tag lines. For example Secret of energy is the add of.......... Ans boost Things required paper and pen that's it.


Vidhya Ramesh


Things Required Take plain paper as per the number of participants Pen/pencil for the participants .and in given 1min tell them to write all white edible items name. The lady with maximum names is the winner.


Pour any soft drink in a glass.hold a straw in mouth,take sip n hold it in straw,don’tswallow ,now put it in an empty glass,fill the empty glass just like watch d time,how faster who have done this....try this game,it will be fun









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