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It’s time for your Farewell Saree.

Written by Trends


Posted on May 07 2014

It’s a little tricky to decide what Saree to wear for a Farewell party. For most of us it’s the first time that we don the Saree. Along with excitement we are stuck with the anxiety to pick the right one. After all, it’s a very special day and we need some real good advice to make that special appearance. And girls, all that worry is justified. You do deserve to look the best in one of the best outfit ever. So let me give you a few tips on what would work the best for you on your Farewell day.

Easy to carry

Make sure that the Saree you choose is light in weight. Considering this to be your first experience, you will be worried about the weight of the Saree, the pallu and the pleats. If the Saree is light weight you can carry it off easily and moving around in it also won’t be an issue.


Have you been browsing the internet lately? I am sure you have and so have I. The most that I have noticed these days are designer blouses. No, no, you don’t have to worry about having a designer to do that. Check our blog on designer blouses or browse through the net and am sure you’ll find some real good stuff. Just pick up a fabric with the picture and your local tailor would get it done.



When deciding what fabric to choose for you Saree, again, go for a lighter one. Georgettes, chiffons, crepe are good.


The colour completely depends on your skin tone. And who would know it better then your own self. Pick a Saree with the colour that has best suited you. It’s your first Saree wearing occasion so pay attention to even the minutest of detail.


Girls, prints are amazing. These days you find some really interesting prints in Sarees. Go through fashion magazines do some research and select a print that goes well with your body type. Check our blog on Sarees as per your body type and you find some real good information on Saree prints as per body type.


When you find the right Saree, don’t you forget to get a nice hairstyle and make-up, else no matter how good the Saree is, you might be few steps away from your goal.

So, Farewell in style and don that look with utter perfection.



  • GAME NO.1 Can we be Friends:
    Women like compliments.
    But women definitely find it hard to complement each other and really mean it. A good idea for a group game is one where every team is made to list down positive and good things about each other. The rule here is that they cannot write about their own team mates, they have to write about everyone else. The group with the maximum number of compliments wins for sure.

    GAME NO.2 What all is there in the room?
    Similar to the game above, you can always divide your guests into groups, and then ask them to jot down everything that is there in the room, from curtains to showpieces and even frames.
    A brief description of each item is ofcourse a must.
    The group that has the longest list wins!

    Posted by Jasmine | May 07, 2014
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