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Sarees for weddings

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Posted on May 06 2014

Weddings are exciting. It’s a chance to wear your ethnic jewellery and dress all traditionally which is a little rare in our day-to-day life. And since it’s not all throughout the year that we get this opportunity, we make sure that we look our best in our chosen attire. Every year along with the latest fashion trends our traditional attire also goes through a lot of evolution. Our focus is more on being comfy and looking traditional all at the same time. Its gets a little hectic when we have to visit a lot of shopping malls to choose the right thing. At times, going through a 100 varieties also doesn’t help. To make our shopping easier and a less stressful let’s stick to a few points while we are on our wedding shopping mission.

 For most of the Indian Weddings, Saree is an attire that is widely worn. It’s indeed a beautiful attire. Salwaar kameez, Lehengas, Anarkalis are added to the list. However, while selecting a Saree, its important weconsider the following factors:


Dusky - Choose a Saree as per your complexion. For a dusky complexion go for bright and vibrant shades. Colours like orange, pink and green.

Whitish - Opt for light colours or pastels, such as sea green, sky blue, light pink, peach.

Fair - For a fairer complexion you may choose from an array of shades, light to dark, pastels to earthy tones.


In India, most weddings takes place from April to June and in the month of November and December.

Summers - For summers, it’s difficult to carry a heavy Saree all day long. So when you go for your Saree shopping, make sure to choose a Saree that looks heavy but has a light weight work on it. These days Sarees with fancy broad laces are easily available. They make the Saree look fantastic and rich along with being light weight.

Winter - If the wedding that you are to attend fall in the winters, Lucky you! I must say. Here you have a wide range to choose from. You can have a heavy worked Saree without the worry of sweating and finding it difficult to carry it. After all, fashion is all about being yourself and comfortable in what you wear.

Body Type

This one’s a must to check. Your body is your temple and you would want to enhance it with the clothes that you wear. Being heavy, thin, with fat arms, thin legs or whatever it may be really can’t stop you from looking gorgeous. But yes, that will need some efforts. Click on the link below to know the right Saree for your body type

Latest trends

Check the latest trends in the market. Browse through the internet, see what’s in trend, colours and something that will go with your personality or do you need to do some alterations to it.

Make-up, accessories and Hairdo’s

Ladies no matter how pretty your dress is the 3 essentials for a mesmerizing look is to get the right make-up, right accessory and the perfect Hairdo, make sure it goes with your outfit, don’t overdo it.

Your hair adds beauty to the entire look, get a nice hairstyle you may also use hair accessories. And wear the prefect jewellery to complement your outfit.



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