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Armlets or Baju Bandh

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Posted on April 27 2014

Armlets are traditionally worn by women, though, nowadays even men flaunt them. Normally worn is an ornamental band around the upper arm. Popularly known as an arm ring, it resembles a lot with a bangle or a bracelet in its features. It still looks ethnic when teamed with traditional clothes on auspicious occasions and gives a very different look to the whole attire.

Armlet or Baju Bandh is an ornament worn around the upper arm. It’s quite similar to a bangle. We wear a number of jewellery at occasions, but the least worn is the Armlet.

Adorned with embellishments, precious and semi-precious stones, in gold and silver this piece of jewellery is definite to let you make a statement.
This could be an ultimate thing to be worn at a wedding or any traditional occasion.

If you wish to wear an Armlet you can opt for a minimal look by avoiding bangles.

Make a statement with your look everytime you don a Saree. A lot of choices in Sarees, styling and accessorizing are available, ref a few and dazzle in your look. 


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