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You’ll have eyes watching you!!!

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Posted on April 22 2014

So you have a beautiful Saree to don, the perfect accessory and the right pair of footwear. Now it’s time you spare a few minutes on the most important factor that would have all eyes glazing at you. Here are a few make-up tips to complement your Saree and dazzle the crowd.


There are different styles of doing an eye make-up. Check the one that suits your eye shape as well as your saree and the time of the event you attending. The eye make-up itself can make you look attractive in a saree.

Use a simple blush to get a subtle and sassy look. High-light your cheekbones and pick a shade that best complements your skin tone.
Don’t leave you lips untouched. Make sure you use a lip pencil or a simple gloss to kiss that tender smile.

 Make-up enhances a women’s look adds glamour and elegance to her. There are a number of make-up techniques to follow, make sure you use the right one. Consider your skin type, complexion and also the occasion while applying the make-up. Ask your personal make-up artist or simply check it online.

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