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Sarees Summer Style

Written by Trends


Posted on March 31 2014

Its summer time and for you Saree lovers, its time of the year to don your subtle, understated and comfortable cotton Sarees. Be it for any occasion, a wedding, an engagement, an evening party or simply for a day to office, cotton is sure to make you feel comfortable, chic yet ethnic. However, it’s of equal importance to stylize your cotton Sarees, to get you a glamorized and an elegant look. With cotton, you can experiment a lot. A lot of things just complement a cotton Saree.

  • If you wish to go funky this summer try on bright or neon colours in cotton. Also go for funky prints that could get you a chic look.
  • Try different styles and patterns for your blouse.
  • If you think your Saree it too plain or simple get a bit of hand work done on your blouse. This will add a different dimension to your Saree.
  • Accessories work wonders with Sarees. Go for minimal silver neckpiece and earings to go with bold cotton prints
  • With delicate design, you could go for a heavy neckpiece or just a kada, mostly an oxidised one.
  • Try hairstyles that require you to tie you hair. We all know how irritating it gets when you have to travel in the sun with your hair let loose.
  • A flower always is a fresh accessory. Try dressing your hair with adding a bit of floral pins.
  • A bag is a must with a Saree. Go for cotton jholas or clutches that have embroideries.
 Less is more. Thats the Fashion Funda for Summer. If you wish to go loud, try that with different prints, colours, blouse patterns and accessories.
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