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Home Blog - News Contest : Share with us Your Most Amusing Experience When You Wore A Saree For The First Time

Contest : Share with us Your Most Amusing Experience When You Wore A Saree For The First Time

Contest of the weekend

 Participate, share and reminisce a moment you’ll never forget.

Share with us Your Most Amusing Experience When You Wore A Saree For The First Time and the most rib-tickling entry could win this yellow and pink, bright coloured Bhagalpuri Saree. The winner will be announced on our Facebook and our Blog page.
Submit your entries on our Blog. The cut off date for the contest is Wednesday, 2nd April, 2014 before 1800 hrs.
Keep shopping, keep reading and keep winning!


*Terms and conditions

The winner will be selected by our panel of experts

Adhering to the contest guidelines is important

Only one winner will be selected




The Winner of “Your Most Amusing Experience When You Wore A Saree For The First Time” contest and also the winner of the yellow and pink, bright coloured Bhagalpuri Saree, is Ms Supriya Iyer. Our heartiest congratulations to her.


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  1. I didn’t remember when I wored a saree but maybe in my younger age. My Mother is so beautiful and whatever saree she wores the saree looks beautiful. After seeing my mom I also started wearing saree from my childhood for fun only. Now, I like woring new silk sarees. Saree is the lovely traditional Indian dress. We can wear sarees anywhere. I like wearing dark colour sarees.

  2. The first time I wore a saree was on Diwali night when I was in class eleven. My childhood sweetheart and now hubby had come to India for a while and I wanted to soak him in the Indian flavour completely! With the festivies in the air and butterflies in my stomach , I draped a blue n magenta silk saree!! He was completely bowled over seeing me and I must admit I still wear saree on all special occasions as I have no qualm in admitting that I look the best in it!! :)

  3. Hi!!!! I had a great experience when first time i wore saree….It was my teacher day in class 12th…and dat movement i had never forget…my mother was help to wraped me saari and at first i was feel very uncomfortable but after 1-2hr. i felt very excited and very happy to saw my self in mirror…and so so happy when my father/teacher/classmate said dat today u was luking very very pretty n very different. Dat time I really felt and proud to be an Indian…becz when i wore saari i felt a proper woman my self a lady a growing lady and way of my walking was totally changed….
    This time i am 29yr. old and after marriage in office two time in one week i definitely wore saari…n dat time i really felt very happy and i got so many comment from my staff becz these days working lady prefer simply outfit like suit/jeans/kurta…Saari is show our culture and being a Indian Lady I really proud wearing saari…

    Thanks to Yellow fashion for this type of contest becz of you we fress our old memory….thank you so much

  4. When after persuing my Bed i went to a school to teach ,saree was compulsory there ,i wore it for d first time i was so horrified ,i could not walk properly but evrybody said i was looking good. One of my fellow teacher taught me hw to drape saree properly .from that day i am now perfect in wearing saree and love it.

  5. First tm I have wear saree in school when I was in eighth std my mom make me wear that saree but I was having problem In walking n my freindes were laughing at me . But now I m fine with d saree in walking n wearing .

  6. I’m wear saree first time when i am small 6 years old nearly 25years before .that time my mom given me saree the kids saree( kalpna saree) the famous kids saree. She brought same saree to my did also .she take our photo together wearing same colour,type saree and make a big wall frame in our bed room.

  7. wearing a saree for the first time my 11th year old.my 7th class firewell party.all my classmate & teacher ae said very beatutiful & photograper take the photo & this photo will keep the his studio as poster.that day will be my very special day.

  8. Oh this memory of wearing saree first time leaves giggles in my tummy.Being B.Ed student i had to wear saree for my teaching practice.When for first time i wore saree my teacher saw me with awestruck face and said ‘oh anu u are looking just Nargis Dutt.’neice.I was elated as i was ardent fan of her.That comparison of me with my dream lady i was thrilled.Still this memory is embeded deep in my heart.I cherish that moment of my first experience of saree drapping.

  9. I wore saree first time when I was in 7th std.it was Fancy dress competition and I was a news reader. I had wore a golden & brown saree and was very short in height, but as I was very fond of wearing saree since childhood, I was too too excited to wear it on the competition day. but as the programme was from morning 11 till evening 6, I really got fed up in the saree, as it was getting uncomfortable with every passing hour in that heat. but when I reached home, instead of changing it, I took the pallu on my head & covered it and was touching everybody’s feet as I was acting like a newly wed bride….every body laughed & enjoyed my innocent moment

  10. Hi,Sarees colour and qualities are very good from Yellowfashion. I like the especially colours.

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