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For every shape and size, there’s a Saree waiting!

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Posted on March 22 2014

Sarees can complement any figure. That’s their beauty. No matter how short, tall, slim or fat you are, if you choose the right Saree, than there’s no stopping you from being in the limelight. A few tips though would help you find the right one, the one that you feel, comfortable and confident in.

Tall and slim

Bold prints, big prints heavy borders. That’s the way for you. Select Sarees that have such prints, with a combination of light and dark shades. Saree is a garment that is draped around your body taking its shape. So for a slim figure like yours, pick a Saree in Brocade, Silk , Cotton and Organza. These fabrics are fluffy and thick. They would make you look perfect. However, with fabrics like chiffon and georgettes would stick to your body and make you look thinner than you are. You may also opt for embellished lehenga style Sarees, that's one thing you’ll never regret. You may also stylize your blouse with different necklines and styles. Halter necks, tube, net blouses, they all would look best on you.

Short and slim

You prefer for a Saree that would make you look a little tall and also enhance your slim figure. Avoid broad borders and big prints as they will make you look shorthorn than what you are. Choose delicate prints and thin fabrics like, cotton, organza, georgettes and chiffons. A blouse with delicate border and a plain bright coloured Saree would goes perfect with your body type. If you find a nice printed striped Saree, pick it up. Stripes make you look taller and thin as well.

Tall and overweight

A good height is the best thing to have if you wish to wear bold and big prints, or big borders. However, being heavier at the same time would prevent you from wearing it.

Go for fabrics that are thin, like chiffons, georgettes, tissues and crepe. If you like heavy borders, go for it but make sure they aren’t very broad, else you’ll end up looking huge. Small and delicate work done on Saree, would do great to your body type.

Short and overweight

Pick SareEs that have vertical print. If your are heavy from the top portion than try wearing a blouse that has delicate print or vertical prints. Short sleeves would be good. Also, if you are heavier from your hips, make sure you drape the Saree properly. Select Sarees with not very thick fabrics neither very thin. A light weight, falling fabrics would be apt for you.

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