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Mom, Help me drape this!

Written by Trends


Posted on March 19 2014

We love Sarees. Our mums, aunts, sisters, cousins, neighbours, we all love them a lot. Aren’t they beautiful? They are the ones that make us go weak on our knees. It’s an attire crafted with elegance and grace. However, for someone who isn't used to wearing it, it gets a  little difficult to drape.

In the past few years Bollywood Divas have made a statement with their Sarees. Be it the design, the fabric, the colour, the embroidery each of their Sarees have made them stand out in the crowd.

The way Sarees have been glamorised, even girls who otherwise are comfortable only in western outfits desire to wear Sarees. However, to carry them with ease needs a little bit of practice. But why curb the wish to wear one whether you are used to carrying it or not?

So girls, flaunt your curves and let this beautiful garment enhance your beauty. Glamorize, stylize and get ready to dazzle in a readymade Saree.

Sarees have been revolutionised suiting the modern lifestyle. And the Readymade Saree is the best example of this.

To make it simple, Readymade Saree is like a skirt with attached pleats. There is no hassle of draping. It takes just one step to drape it. It is ingeniously designed with an attached petticoat. At times these Sarees come in Fishcuts and Lehenga style. Saving time and getting the conventional look is the idea behind designing such Sarees.

For anyone who had always wanted to wear a Saree without the draping hassle, this one is for you!




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