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Home Blog - News What to do with your old Sarees?

What to do with your old Sarees?

So all you shopaholics are you facing the same issue as I am? Does your wardrobe look like a godown of Sarees? Sarees that are old and you don’t wish to repeat them, some that are out of trend and you just can’t wear them and some that are a wee little damaged only visible to your sharp eyesight? And with all this you still have a lot more on your buying list?
Ok, so get set and I’ll share a few tips on getting away with these issues and having a whole lot of fun in watching your Sarees transform.

From Sarees to Sarees
• If you have a Saree with an old print and think that it doesn’t fit into the new trend, simply get a new blouse stitched. Plain Sarees go well with shimmered blouses. You can also add a nice heavy lace to the blouse and give it a new look all together.
• Sarees with heavy borders can well be used to stitch Anarkalis or even a Kurti. You can change its look by adding sequences or studs to it. You get quite fancy studs and other embellishments easily available at a fabric accessory shop.
• If you have a Saree with a faded colour, dyeing is a good option

From Sarees to a different attire
• If you have a silk Saree or a cotton Saree get it crushed and you can have a crushed skirt stitched.
• If you have more than one old Saree, than you can get multiple kurtis stitched out of it.
• Give a little twist to your Sarees and turn them into an indo-western outfit. Stitch patilaya, harem pants or you can even have nice funky pants made from them. Team it up with a racer back or a plain top and accessorise it with some junk. Your Saree is here with a new look!
• If you wish to use the whole Saree to get a new outfit, than Evening Gown or a Western Dress is an excellent option. If your Saree colour is black, maroon or on the darker side you can very well use it in the evening, for dinner or a party. If you have a light coloured Saree, opt for a sun dress for your casual outings.

From sarees to accessories
• Traditional Saree look beautiful when made into a bag. If you have a broad zari to your Saree, cut it and make it into a Potli bag. Cluthes also look great made from silk Sarees, or heavy zari work. A good print with a few studs is enough to make a nice clutch.
• You can also make a choker out of your Zari Saree. Wear it with a plain dress to get an elegant look
• Use your lace borders as Bandanas or even belts

From sarees to household objects
• Your old rich sarees can also be used to make cushion covers. It wil add a touch of royality to your house. Also the borders can be used as curtain tie backs.
• Get a nice border, probably a plain one, not very shimmery to make a table mat from your simple cotton saree.


Look around, think out-of-the box and see how creative you can get with your saree. if you learn a few more ways to utilize the saree, do let us know.


  1. Excellent suggestion . can I have some suggestion for old salwar Kurtz ?

  2. Hi.. very nice suggestions. . Can I have someone who can guide me after seeing the saree .. ple as e contact me @ 7709506530

  3. Nice sughestions…keep in touch

  4. I use my old printed scree to make quilt cover nd fancy saree I mean embroidered sew quilt by tailor inside old cotton saree faded also will do. Because on top is beautiful saree. Present to wedding party .

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